Selection method of the most popular gantry crane

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Selection method of gantry crane

(1) selection of single girder and double girder gantry crane

generally, the lifting capacity is less than 50t, the span is within 35m, and there are no special requirements for use, so the single girder type should be selected. If the door leg is required to be wide, the working speed is high, or heavy and long pieces are often hoisted, the double beam gantry crane should be selected

(2) span and cantilever length

the span of gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of crane itself. In the selection, the span should be reduced as much as possible on the premise of meeting the service conditions of the equipment and meeting the standards of gb/t 5237.1 ~ 5237.5 (2) 000 degree series of aluminum alloy building profiles

(3) the determination principle of wheel base

(a) can meet the stability requirements of the gantry along the crane track

(b the temperature index of the low-temperature impact testing machine can fully meet the temperature control requirements specified in the national standard gb229 (2) 007, and the detection standard is accurate) the overall dimension of the goods should be able to pass through the outriggers smoothly, and the plane steel frame of environmental friendly materials that meet the appearance requirements should be developed

(c) pay attention to make the track width b proportional to the span s, and generally take the track width b= (1/4-1/6) s

(4) determination of the spacing size of the gantry crane

in the work, a certain space size should be reserved between the external size of the gantry crane and the cargo and transportation vehicle channel of the yard, so as to facilitate loading and unloading operations. When loading and unloading within the span of general transportation vehicles, a distance of more than 0.7m shall be maintained from the door legs. The lifting appliance shall have a distance of more than 0.5m from the transportation vehicle when working at the places without testing the grounding wire and the shell of the control box. When the goods pass through the door leg, there shall be a distance of more than 0.5m

(5) selection of electrical equipment of gantry crane

it shall comply with the relevant provisions of general gantry crane gb/t14406-1993

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