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High rebates make the coating industry fall into a "prisoner's dilemma"

high rebates make the coating industry fall into a "prisoner's dilemma"

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[China coating information] due to the fierce competition in the coating industry, recently, Some brand sellers expand market share by giving high rebates to painters, which makes other painters fall into a "prisoner's dilemma" - if they do not follow up, they are in danger of being expelled from the market

"it was returned again, so it came!" June is the hottest decoration season of the year, but Gaoming (a pseudonym), a paint agent in Shandong Baihe decoration materials wholesale market, has a lot of helplessness. Recently, paint withdrawal incidents have often occurred here. "My paint is a famous brand in China. It has gone through strict quality inspection procedures, but there are still painters who bring the owners here and ask for return on the grounds of quality problems." He shook his head and said with a wry smile

Gao Ming pointed the other problem of measurement accuracy at the agents who gave oil workers high rebates. "The kickbacks they gave were too high, which attracted most of the oil workers and put a lot of pressure on us." He told China National classic that he was not the only one who suffered from the return of goods, and many paint agents had similar experience

Xiao Cai, a Hubei native, has worked as a painter in Beijing for six or seven years. He also told China National classic that he has been working for different decoration companies in these years and knows very well the "hands and feet" of the decoration company industry

"these two days, I seem to say how much kickbacks the Dulux sellers in Hunan have given painters. In fact, this is nothing at all. Kickbacks in this industry have existed since I first joined the industry, and now it has almost become a trade rule." He said that except for a few brands, there are almost no ones who don't give rebates, just how much

take a series of paints of an internationally famous brand as an example. Using his 10 groups of paints can give a rebate of 1000 yuan, and using wall paint can also give a rebate. A barrel of wall paint with a price of nearly 400 yuan can give a rebate of 100 yuan to the oiler, and then a higher-end wall paint can give a rebate of 150 yuan. General home decoration has to use 35 groups of paint and 23 barrels of wall paint. "It's normal for a small contractor to get a rebate of 35000 yuan for painting every year."

"some agents also send us moon cakes during the Mid Autumn Festival and organize a dinner every day." Xiao Cai said that not only the oilers have rebates, some carpenters will also get a certain proportion of rebates after recommending the owners to use a certain series of paints

and the method of giving rebates is also very secret. "The worker and the shopkeeper can even have no contact in advance. Generally, after finishing the work, the painter directly calls the agent and tells the other party how much paint and what series are used, and then he can sign for the rebate."

but, "are you taking kickbacks for nothing? Most of the products that give kickbacks do not meet environmental standards, and even many are fake and shoddy products. If you don't do this, who will buy their things!" Xiao Cai said so

in this way, many paint dealers are currently in a "prisoner's dilemma" - if you don't cooperate with others, you will suffer losses because of honesty and trustworthiness, and even be expelled from the market

"I can only earn 20 or 30 yuan per barrel of paint. If I give these to the oiler, my store can only drink northwest wind." Gao Ming said, "if we don't have such a big rebate, the oil workers will collectively resist brands that give low or no rebates."

in this regard, Fang Qiang, deputy general manager of Beijing Golden Eagle Marketing Management Consulting Co., Ltd., told China National classic that it is allowed for manufacturers to promote reasonable discounts to dealers, but we must grasp the 'degree'. We can't build a one-party interest alliance. If we build a one-party interest alliance, there will be disorderly competition. We don't compare service and quality, which will damage the interests of the whole industry

he also pointed out that the relevant departments should regularly publish the market guide prices of all walks of life, all kinds of products, and carry out cost publicity to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

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