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Recently, the internal and external market of bisphenol A has been delayed and it is difficult to make a breakthrough

demand: with the sharp decline of ECH, it is expected to bottomed out, and some solid factories shut down in the early stage will restart or plan to restart after the Tomb Sweeping Day. However, the overall inventory of bisphenol a raw materials is not high, and there may be a certain consumption demand for raw materials in the future, but as the demand for resin is still low, it is expected that the volume will not be very large; The liquid epoxy resin was overhauled in Kunshan Nanya in early April for about a week, and the load of other enterprises remained at six, but the fracture position was still not ideal. The competitive sale was carried out to obtain these properties from raw materials, and the mainstream negotiation was reduced to less than 20000. The price of PC is stuck or adjusted in a narrow range due to cost constraints, and the future market is not optimistic

raw material Market: under the pressure of factors such as the rebound of the US dollar exchange rate and the cooling of the Federal Reserve qe3, the international crude oil volatility weakened, and the low end of WTI fell to around us $101/barrel, a new low since February 14. However, affected by the tight supply of equipment maintenance, ethylene and propylene rose synchronously this week, the internal and external disks of pure benzene were basically stable, and the phenol acetone box vibrated. In the short term, if the external disk and the manufacturer did not make a significant adjustment plan, the spot fluctuation space was limited

supply: Sinopec Mitsubishi (SMP) has accumulated inventory since its start-up of power supply 220V 50Hz on the 20th of last month. It plans to have an export plan next week, and the market will pay close attention to its trend; The quotation of Sinopec Mitsui is on the high side. In addition to contract supply, whether there is pressure on spot market sales remains to be proved. In terms of external market news, some manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea are testing the domestic quotation, and the quotation is significantly lower than that in March. Downstream and importers are concerned about their subsequent trading status; PTT plans to restart and increase to full load in the middle of this month, and everything is under attention

related products ECH: in March, ECH plummeted by 2000 yuan/ton. After the Qingming Festival, it again challenged the front line of 11000 yuan/ton. Although many enterprises offered high prices, the negotiations were actually uneven. This week, the internal and external prices of raw propylene rose synchronously, especially the FOB far east price of the external market reached US $1500/ton, which may later support ECH, which is close to the edge of the cost line. But the liquid chlorine market is dramatic. Why can the reappearance 50 electronic universal experimental machine test all materials in some parts of Shandong? Many people don't understand the ex factory or gift status of yuan/ton

market mentality: Recently, the internal and external market of bisphenol A has been delayed in finishing, and the overall range is relatively narrow. The weakness from the demand side has a significant impact on the market mentality; On the other hand, as the international crude oil is still above US $100, pure benzene and phenol ketone tanks are volatile, the cost pressure of bisphenol a industry is obvious, and the mentality of manufacturers and importers is tangled, which is also one of the main factors with strong resistance to decline in the near future

external environment: since March, the market product Sinian has shown obvious signs of weakness. According to the trend of 57 major chemicals monitored by zhuochuang, about 70% of the products are in the decline channel. During the Qingming Festival, international bulk commodities were impacted by factors such as the cooling of qe3 in the United States and the rebound of the U.S. dollar exchange rate. Metals and industrial products fell sharply, although China's stock market rebounded for two trading days this week and Shanghai Stock Exchange stood at 2300 points, However, the fact that China's economic growth has slowed down still makes it difficult for the industry to be optimistic, and it may still be difficult for the commodity market to make a major breakthrough in the future

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