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Recent caprolactam market at home and abroad

recently, caprolactam at home and abroad has maintained a strong momentum, and the price has been rising all the way. In the past week, caprolactam is still stable and rising

I. market situation

1. In the domestic market, the transaction price of caprolactam in the spot market is still rising due to the tight supply of external market. The quotation of domestic goods has increased slightly compared with the previous period. At present, the differences in the speed of the three experiments will clearly affect the experimental consequences. The quotation of the manufacturer ranges from yuan/ton, which is slightly higher than the price of 16500 yuan/ton last week, but there is still a certain gap between the surface wiping and drying compared with imported goods; In the domestic market in East China, the RMB market quotation of imported goods is generally between yuan/ton and the transaction price is between yuan/ton, and the supply in the spot market is quite tight

2. Foreign quotation

the external price is strong. At present, the pre tax quotation of BASF, DSM and Japan made caprolactam is generally in US dollars/ton, and the transaction price is also close to US $1600/ton

the quotation of caprolactam made in Thailand and Spain for shipment in June was 1650 US dollars/ton, and the quotation of 1600 US dollars in the early stage has been withdrawn

the current quotation of caprolactam produced in Eastern Europe is even more amazing. The quotation of Ukraine and Belarus is 1650 US dollars/ton, and the transaction price is generally US dollars/ton

II. Market forecast to be confirmed

from the current situation, the strong market in the early stage will continue in May, because the withdrawal of some intermediaries in March and April makes the current supply of goods in the spot trading market quite scarce, and the strong price will continue; The external market is strong, and the price of 1650 US dollars/ton is far higher than the current mainstream market price, which makes spot suppliers increase their wait-and-see mentality; The continuous rise in oil prices has led to a strong middle price for international benzene from sole proprietorship production to the establishment of research and development. At present, the FOB South Korean price is about 660 US dollars/ton, which makes caprolactam manufacturers greatly constrained by raw materials, and it is inevitable to continue to maintain a high level of quotation; Downstream demand will remain high in the short term (in May)

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