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The rebound of more than 50% is unique in the trend of Tianjiao

from the adjusted low of 8650 yuan to the rebound high of 13095 yuan, the rebound range of Tianjiao has been an amazing 51.3%, and it was only completed in more than a month. In the recent upward and downward trend of industrial products, Tianjiao showed a unique upward trend. Insiders said that the revitalization plan of the automobile industry recently issued has become the biggest support for the strength of Tianjiao; In addition, the production reduction of Tianjiao in Southeast Asia and the acquisition expectation of Guochu also have a positive effect on the recent trend of Tianjiao. However, at present, the demand for natural rubber has not been improved. As this week is the last few days before the Spring Festival, the market volatility will increase, so investors need to be cautious

rebound rose by more than 50%

Shanghai Rubber yesterday got rid of the impact of the downturn in the trend of Japanese rubber, and went up all the way. The 905 contract ended at 13070 yuan, up 405 yuan, or 3.2%. The trading volume increased by nearly 140000 to 660000 hands, and the position was 96000 hands, an increase of 13000 hands. Shanghai Tianjiao, which fell below the 10000 yuan mark more than a month ago, returned to more than 13000 yuan in less than two months. On December 8, at that time, the main contract of HuJiao once hit a low of 8650 yuan, but it once hit a high of 1309 yuan yesterday. The servo motor was controlled by the speed control system to rotate by 5 yuan, with a relative increase of more than 51%

from the transaction ranking, 905 is 5. The environmental requirements of the experiment: about 4554 long positions in the top 20, 2871 to 3594 positions in Zhejiang Dadi, and 1722 to 3223 positions in Zhejiang Yong'an. The enthusiasm of "Zhejiang Department" funds to do long Tianjiao is still unabated. However, with the approaching of the long holiday, the position of HuJiao is still shrinking steadily, from more than 175000 hands on December 17 to more than 105000 hands on January 19, with a cumulative reduction of more than 70000 hands

in terms of spot goods, the market transaction was light, and the price of domestic No. 5 standard glue remained at the previous 14500 yuan, with no transaction. The rise of domestic synthetic glue also slowed down, and the quotation of Qilu CIS polybutadiene rubber remained at 11300 yuan/ton. The price of Thai tobacco leaf rubber aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe fell to US $1536/ton

experts: investors still need to be cautious

insiders said that the recent strength of Tianjiao mainly comes from "internal factors", that is, the government's stimulus policies for the automotive industry. The industry is generally optimistic that there will be a series of specific revitalization rules for the automotive industry in the future, and various ministries and commissions will successively introduce favorable policies related to the used car market. Therefore, although other industrial products are still stuck, the main force of Tianjiao bulls is unconventional and confident because of many themes. In addition, rumors of purchase and storage have been "encouraging" the Tianjiao market. At present, there are rumors in the market that in order to protect the national strategic materials, protect the natural rubber (13085195.00,1.51%, bar) production base, and protect the interests of rubber workers, the National Reserve Bureau has made the decision to purchase natural rubber products. The State Reserve Bureau plans to purchase the natural rubber products stored in Hainan and Yunnan reclamation areas from October 12 to 15 in batches after the Spring Festival

in addition, Southeast Asian natural rubber producers reduced production by 915000 tons, and the production of natural rubber in the domestic Hainan production area was greatly reduced due to the disaster, which also became a positive factor driving the rise of natural rubber

insiders said that Tianjiao has come out of a relatively hot rebound and has now returned to the level in mid November. It remains to be seen whether this short-term strong rebound can be transformed into a staged rebound. However, from a fundamental point of view, the demand for natural rubber has not yet improved, which will still limit the growth of natural rubber. Investors can operate on a short-term basis within a day and should not keep overnight positions

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