BASF launched a new round of 13 projects

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BASF launched a new round of "1+3" projects

BASF held a "1+3" corporate social project Senior Leadership Forum in Shanghai, marking the prelude to a new round of "1+3" projects. Following the completion of the first round of projects in July last year, BASF continued to vigorously promote its "1+3" process and increased its project partners from 6 enterprises in the first round to 11 enterprises in the new round. The partners of the new round of projects come from Beijing, xiahai, Jilin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hong Kong under the guidance of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies

it is reported that the "1+3" enterprise social project was first initiated by BASF at the China Business Council for sustainable development in 2006. "1+3" refers to the practice of enterprise society through the model of each company driving three business partners (suppliers + customers + logistics service providers) in its supply chain. After the completion of the whole project, all partners will continue to use this model to pass on the best practice model of corporate society in their supply chain, thus producing a "snowball" effect

BASF "1 + 3" project has been highly recognized and concerned since its implementation. In January, 2008, the United Nations Global Compact organization shared "1 + 3" as the best corporate social case; At the beginning of this year, the project was included in the publication of the International Federation of international chemical associations; In China, BASF has also won many media and government corporate social awards for many years in a row by virtue of the project and its outstanding performance in the comprehensive aspects of economy, environment and society. At present, the project has been spread among 60 enterprises in China

at the project senior leadership forum, Guanzhihua, chairman of BASF Greater China management board, said: "Now that the whole society has entered the 'era', undertaking the society is the requirement of the era for enterprises, and it is also an important sensor factor for enterprises to maintain sustainable development. The iron content in molten aluminum of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. has decreased to less than 0.1% on average. We should actively promote the implementation of enterprise society in the supply chain through mutual learning and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain; we should also cooperate with enterprises in the supply chain to jointly change the chemical industry The image of "three highs" has continuously contributed to China's economic and social development. "

well-known scholars from the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, China Industrial and Commercial Council for sustainable development, China chemical industry news, WTO economic guide and other industry experts in new materials related to the culture and art industry participated in the forum. Haochangjiang, President of China Chemical News, attended the forum and made a speech on the economic situation of chemical industry and enterprise society

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