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Why can "power failure in evening self-study" only become an unforgettable memory now

a generation will eventually graduate, and there are always people studying by themselves in the evening. Do you still remember the grand occasion after the power failure of self-study on those new year's Eve? Is it possible to think of it and cheer secretly? Recently, this topic with a sense of time has been hot searched, which has triggered the collective memories of more than 40million friends. Everyone is feeling that the power failure of self-study in the evening always calls every second, and the dark free time is fleeting. But now children probably don't know what kind of experience it is. Why can the power failure of self-study in the evening only become an unforgettable memory? How hard is it to cut off power

then focus on the city. According to relevant reports, as early as 2018, the power supply reliability index of 14 mega cities and above in China continued to improve, and the power supply reliability rate reached more than 99.95%. The latest data shows that since this year, the power supply reliability rate of Shanghai has reached 99.9956%, and the power supply reliability rate of the central urban area has achieved a breakthrough of five nines (i.e. more than 99.999%) for the first time, reaching 99.9998%. The reliability rate of power supply has reached five nines, which is the world's recognized standard for measuring the hardest core of first-class electricity, and has been achieved in China. In China, power failure has become an extremely small probability event

behind the unforgettable memories and hard core data, there are higher requirements for the high quality, sustainability and resilience of power supply in the face of failure. If you want to achieve the level of five nines of power supply reliability, the average annual household power failure time of customers in the region will be less than 0.4 minutes, which means that after power supply failure, power distribution can quickly call through a series of intelligent means, and ordinary power customers can hardly feel this process. It is obvious that this requires high healing function of electricity

high quality digital distribution equipment fully guarantees the reliability of power supply

power supply enterprises have put forward many reliability measurement indicators for their production and operation, such as the average frequency of power failure, the average duration of power failure, etc. Schneider Electric provides a strong guarantee for the reliable operation of the power supply bureau industry through the three-tier structure of ecostruxure. Among them, Schneider Electric provides a full range of interconnected medium voltage switchgear products with monitoring function; There are edge control products represented by active operation and maintenance intelligent units, as well as analysis and service applications such as micro consultants

Schneider Electric's high-quality medium and low voltage distribution equipment is a solid foundation to ensure the reliability of power supply. The intelligent hardware equipment is equipped with monitoring technology for temperature, partial discharge, mechanical and electrical characteristics of circuit breakers, which can ensure that the equipment can be monitored all day, and customized design and services are carried out according to the needs of different users, so that the switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers and other electrical core assets can be monitored, controlled, sensed and connected, which is conducive to further data analysis Application and decision aid provide data support

smart pix series intelligent medium voltage cabinet integrates the latest digital functions of electric operation, sequence control, intelligent protection and all-round condition monitoring, which greatly improves the asset performance and anti risk ability of medium voltage cabinet

easergy micom P5 series relay protection devices: relay protection series products that fully meet the needs of medium and low voltage applications, can provide protection for lines, motors, transformers and generators at the manufacturing cost stage (1992-2015), and support all the latest serial ports or port communication protocols

premset's new generation of medium voltage switchgear realizes more flexible scheme application with modular and compact design, and realizes revolutionary innovation in the field of medium voltage switchgear technology with its shielded solid insulation technology, which can operate safely and reliably in extremely harsh environments

what is classic is that Schneider Electric officially launched the medium voltage primary cabinet GM airset with SF6 free technology at the beginning of this year, as well as the upcoming two ring cabinets RM airset and SM airset. The clean and low-carbon product features are equipped with many digital technologies and analysis tools to unlock the data value for users and improve the digital experience of users to a new level

smart Trihal intelligent dry-type transformer can realize comprehensive perception and real-time dialogue with intelligent devices through interconnected IOT technology and advanced automation system. Through data analysis, it can deeply excavate data value, improve energy and cost efficiency, help to comprehensively improve the digital experience, and lead the future intelligent power distribution construction

the low-voltage UE series and powertag solutions adopt convenient and efficient low-voltage intelligent monitoring and energy metering solutions, and wireless communication means to achieve system power supply continuity and efficient management. It provides an effective tool for the power supply industry to manage power customers

advanced digital distribution operation and maintenance technology helps the development of high-quality electricity

on the basis of safe and reliable products and equipment, another main feature of smart electricity is that it can strengthen preventive maintenance ability, improve the self-healing ability of electricity, and avoid power failure accidents through more cutting-edge technology and high-quality services. Ring self-healing is a solution that can accurately and quickly isolate fault components and areas, and quickly restore the system to normal state with less human intervention. The combination of distributed DTU and high-quality switchgear developed by Schneider Electric has crossed the stage of primary and secondary complete sets and entered the stage of primary and secondary high integration. The distributed DTU ring self-healing system based on the concept of primary and secondary integration of complete ring boxes embeds high-quality switchgear as the key node in the optimized network architecture, and carries the distributed DTU easergy T300 intelligent power distribution terminal. With the application of modular design, it can realize the automatic positioning of fault sections, automatic isolation of fault sections, and automatic restoration of power supply in non fault sections through peer-to-peer communication, so that the distribution faults can be fully automated and quickly handled, Realize the self-healing function of the power supply system, so as to realize the rapid removal of faults and the restoration of power transmission within 30 seconds, and minimize the loss of electrical faults

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at the same time, based on Schneider electric interconnection products and services, integrating cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital technologies, ecostruxure power advisor power advisor can realize professional diagnosis of the operation status of key power equipment and distribution system, through data collection, digital simulation of system structure, expert level analysis, report generation and suggestions, problem solving, achievement tracking, Form a closed-loop and dynamic implementation process, make full use of the monitoring and analysis of the enterprise income tax preferential catalogue of the special equipment for energy and water conservation and environmental protection, the compressive strength of the packaging box or package, and the operation status of the distribution system, and improve the active operation and maintenance ability and efficiency with a higher level of data accuracy, as well as more professional and digital services covering the whole life cycle, Achieve a higher level of monitoring and operation and maintenance

finally, as a powerful supplement to the main, micro electricity is also an effective way to ensure continuous power supply, achieve efficient energy utilization and assist the main operation. Micro electricity can fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power and renewable energy, realize the efficient supply of various energy forms to the load, and transfer the load in space and time dimensions. Schneider Electric is committed to participating in the technological transformation of future electricity through solutions such as the advanced distribution management system ecostruxure micro electric power monitoring system and ecostruxure micro electric energy consultant (EMA). Through more extensive and accurate data collection, analysis, insight and action, Schneider Electric will meet the challenges and help power operators change the current situation that the traditional distribution mode cannot meet the development needs of non incoming electricity

at present, the power supply reliability of major cities in the world's developed countries is about 99.99%, and only a few regions such as Tokyo and Singapore have reached or exceeded the level of 5 9. At present, the reliability of power supply in the central area of Shanghai center has surpassed that of international cities such as New York, London and Paris, and has entered the world's leading ranks

in the future, Schneider Electric will continue to help power companies, enhance the reliability, stability and safety of power supply, jointly cope with the challenges of future power demand and supply, promote the high-quality development of the power industry, and contribute to the development of Chinese cities and economies

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