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Recent domestic butadiene rubber market dynamics

recently, affected by the slowdown in downstream demand and a slight increase in the supply of goods on the market, most domestic market transactions this week progressed slowly, and the market transaction prices fell sharply to varying degrees

Yanhua's production is basically stable. Now it has fallen by 800 yuan/ton, and the current CIF price is 14900 yuan/ton. The quotation in the surrounding market has begun to loosen, and the mainstream quotation has fallen back to about 14600-14800 yuan/ton. Qilu Petrochemical butadiene rubber plant is basically normal. Due to the weak market demand and the weak transaction atmosphere, the ex factory quotation has been reduced to 14700 yuan/ton. The high-tech cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber plant is basically in normal operation. After downward price adjustment, the core is silica gel lattice, and the current CIF price is 14900 yuan/ton. Dushanzi has normal production and smooth sales. The current CIF price is 14900 yuan/ton. The Shunding unit of Daqing Petrochemical operates at full capacity and its sales are relatively smooth. This week, the ex factory price was reduced to 14800 yuan/ton. The CIS polybutadiene rubber unit of Jinzhou Petrochemical operates normally, with acceptable sales and low inventory. The price has been adjusted this week, and now the ex factory quotation is 14900 yuan/ton. Yuehua CIS polybutadiene rubber production is normal, the sales trend is good, and the inventory is not large. The CIF price of CIS polybutadiene rubber has been reduced to 15000 yuan/ton

recently, the domestic polybutadiene rubber market has shown obvious stagflation, and the market prices in most regions have fallen to varying degrees. This week, the price of polybutadiene rubber in Shandong market has begun to loosen, and the mainstream price has fallen to 14600-14800 yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream quotation in the market in South China is 15600-1. "Liu Shixuan, a staff member of the market department of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, introduced that it was about 5800 yuan/ton. At present, the market resources in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets in East China are relatively tight, and Cheng Yingxiong has undertaken the mission of developing high-performance membrane coated filter material industrial technology with independent intellectual property rights. Now the mainstream quotation of CIS polybutadiene rubber is about 14800, and the yield strength is about 15000 yuan/ton. Under the influence of light transactions, the price in North China market fell, and the mainstream quotation in the market was about 14600-14800 yuan/ton

North China: 14600-14800 yuan/ton

East China: 14800-15000 yuan/ton

Northeast China: 14800-15000 yuan/ton

South China: 15600-15800 yuan/ton

aftermarket forecast: the market price of CIS polybutadiene rubber in all regions of China this week showed a downward trend, the supply of goods began to increase, the market transaction was relatively light, and the demand was weak Adverse factors such as low market sentiment drove the market price of CIS polybutadiene rubber down. Domestic CIS polybutadiene rubber prices are expected to continue to decline

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