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Recent domestic PP market quotation

the total length of follow-up in the domestic PP pellet Market and the analyte market of the patient's internal extraction device are still stable, with a limited decline, and the market is relatively stable. The market price of wire drawing material is at yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Note: the price of plastic is maintained at yuan/ton (including copolymerization grade); The film material is between yuan/ton

production of domestic enterprises. Yanhua PP1 line produces wire drawing material 2401, line 2 and line 3 are still under maintenance, and the sales are general; Lanhua's sales pressure increased and its inventory increased; Panjin began to produce copolymer j640

wire drawing grade: the price decline in the domestic market is not large, and the mainstream price in North and East China is yuan/ton; The price of yuan/ton in South China; The southwest market price is still 5750 yuan/ton. The downward adjustment range of the factory price of wire drawing materials of domestic enterprises is also limited, which is generally in yuan/ton

price rise and fall of unit brand in this period 11 Deformation rate adjustment error: ± 1% of the set value a, preferential conditions of the previous period's price sales status

Yanshan Petrochemical 2401 580005800 flat sales

Yanshan Petrochemical S1003 580005800 flat sales

Yangzi Petrochemical F401 5800 -50 5850 flat sales

Maoming Petrochemical T30S 560005600 flat sales

Guangzhou Petrochemical F401 5750 +50 5700 flat sales preferential price 5700

Tianjin United T30S 570005700 flat sales

Daqing Petrochemical T30S 580005800 Flat sale preferential price 5400

Zhongyuan ethylene T30S 5700 -50 5750 unsalable train 5650

Jingmen Petrochemical T30S 5600 vigorously develops the processing of clothing, footwear, electronic equipment, automobile component assembly, food processing, drugs, health care products, chemical fertilizers Value added businesses such as rubber and other bulk goods -50 5800 flat sales

langang F401 5600 -100 5700 flat sales

Urumqi Petrochemical Xinfeng tl045b 6100 -250 6350 flat sales preferential price 5800

BOPP material: the domestic market price is basically between yuan/ton. Not many domestic enterprises adjust their prices. At present, the domestic ex factory price is yuan/ton. The ex factory price of Maoming Petrochemical t46f is 5700 yuan/ton, with an upward correction of 100 yuan/ton; Hubei Xinghua fell 190 yuan/ton again. Now, wouldn't it be possible to purchase 200kn tensile testing machine directly? Of course, 5610 yuan/ton can not be implemented

copolymer injection plastic: the market price is basically about yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of domestic manufacturers is mostly yuan/ton. Among them, Panjin Petrochemical p340 has been reduced by 350 yuan/ton, and the current implementation is 5900 yuan/ton. Now it is converted to j640, and the price is 6250 yuan/ton; Qilu EPS30R implementation 6200 yuan/ton; Yangzi j340 execution/ton; Maoming implements the ex factory price of 6600 yuan/ton

pp powder: the domestic ex factory price has increased and decreased, which is not unified, mostly in yuan/ton, with little change compared with the previous week. Among them, the price was increased by 5400 yuan/ton in the Western Pacific, up 100 yuan/ton from the previous week; Daqing Huake increased by 100 yuan/ton and implemented 5600 yuan/ton; Nanjing Hongye implemented 5800 yuan/ton, with an increase of 120 yuan/ton. Price reduction: Jingmen Petrochemical fell by 40 yuan/ton, and the price was 5510 yuan/ton; Luoyang Hongli lowered 100 yuan/ton, and now 5550 yuan/ton is implemented; Wuhan Phoenix lowered 100 yuan/ton, and now 5500 yuan/ton is implemented; Jihua Changsong implemented 5500 yuan/ton, with a reduction of 50 yuan/ton

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