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Bounce on? Visionchina (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition 2020 audience pre registration picked up

a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia cast a shadow on the start of 2020, and market demand fell precipitously in the first quarter. Through the efforts of the government and the people across the country, according to people's data, as of March 29, the resumption rate of small and medium-sized enterprises across the country has reached 76.8%, with an average daily increase of more than 1 percentage point since March. The average operating rate of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide reached 98.6%, and the average resumption rate of personnel reached 89.9%. Outside Wuhan, Hubei channel control for small and thin wearable equipment was lifted, and external traffic was restored in an orderly manner. At the same time, Wuhan's rail transit is gradually recovering

with the positive situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the market demand in the field of machine vision application is also gradually released. Visionchina (Shanghai) 2020 is scheduled to set sail at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on July, 2020. Official statistics show that machine vision people are actively seizing the rebound opportunity in the post epidemic era: according to the official statistics of the organizer of visionchina China Machine Vision Exhibition, as of March 29, the total number of pre registration visitors in visionchina (Shanghai) 2020 increased by 26% month on month

the following highlights should not be missed

Shanghai Exhibition Co creates artificial intelligence, 5g and other multi technology integration platforms

machine vision is a multi technology integration industry, which has developed from the earliest image processing to now with very rich content. AI and 5g technology are still the focus of attention and investment of major enterprises. AI and 5g have always been the key technologies invested by Dahua. Dahua has already had a large number of application cases in the field of security. As a machine vision subsidiary of Dahua, Huarui technology has been making key investment in this area. Among them, artificial intelligence has been applied in character recognition and defect detection, and has been recognized by customers. Allied vision also said: the high bandwidth and low delay in the 5g era have created very good infrastructure conditions for the wireless deployment of visual processing terminals, but also put forward higher requirements for the miniaturization, intelligence and low power consumption of visual imaging modules. Allied vision complies with the needs of customers and has a very visionary vision to create a new alvium embedded platform with small size and low power consumption. It also uses Mipi interface to connect intelligent processing chips/intelligent computing modules at high speed, which is very suitable for the development and deployment of new visual products in the 5g Era. In addition, in addition to the high performance of 5g, which can create more machine vision application scenarios, the 5g industry itself also needs equipment manufacturers in the machine vision industry to produce more precise production and assembly equipment

image source: visionchina (Shanghai) 2019

collect the application of machine vision innovation field after the epidemic

the outbreak of the epidemic has also stimulated the application of machine vision in the field of biomedicine, and the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement system has entered the public's field of vision. At the same time, machine vision technology will also accelerate the automatic reorganization of the industry after the epidemic and improve efficiency, which is a new opportunity for the machine vision industry. The exhibitors also adjusted their products and market direction in response to the recovery of the industry after the epidemic, and United optics focused on two series of products: short wave near-infrared lens and microscopic objective lens. Among them, the performance of short wave near-infrared lens is better than that of European and American products of the same model, especially in terms of the consistency of center and edge. This year, we will show it at visionchina (Shanghai) 2020 and recommend this product to more users of infrared imaging system

deep insight into industry trends

visionchina (Shanghai) 2019 machine vision enterprise innovation product award hosted by the machine vision industry alliance (cmvu) in the same period. The product range covers light sources, lenses, cameras, intelligent processing, visual inspection equipment, visual software and other accessories. The outstanding products shortlisted will be displayed in a special area for innovative products at the exhibition site

the China (Shanghai) machine vision technology and Industrial Application Forum held at the same time invited well-known enterprises and experts in the industry to make a special report, providing new ideas for solving the problems and challenges faced by the industry after the epidemic; Help the industry better see the development situation, understand new technology hotspots, promote industry exchanges, and jointly create a new development space

upgraded exhibition hall area + considerate exhibition services

the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the venue of visionchina (Shanghai) after the extension, is located in the west of the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, and is closely connected with Hongqiao fire concrete admixture uniformity test method gb/t8077 ⑵ 000 station and Hongqiao Airport. Surrounded by metro lines 2, 10 and 17, it can quickly reach major industrial and commercial areas. The expressways around the exhibition hall extend in all directions, and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta can be reached in 1 to 2 hours, and major economic cities in the Asia Pacific can be reached by air in 2 to 3 hours. Convenient transportation will provide great convenience for national and international visitors to the exhibition site. The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) has an indoor exhibition hall of 400000 square meters and a commercial center of 150000 square meters

the new location is also good news for the audience in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions and along the high-speed railway. While maintaining the traditional audience, the organizer will vigorously expand the audience invitation outside Shanghai this year. While trying to reduce the possible loss of visitors caused by the epidemic, the organizers are more considering how to use the convenient transportation conditions in dahongqiao area to invite more exhibitors outside Shanghai. To this end, a new audience invitation frbp (flight+railway+bus+parking) project has been brewing within the organizer

at the same time, visionchina launched online supply and demand matching channels before the exhibition to timely obtain industry trends and procurement needs. The exhibition hall is also about to open, realizing double line display, helping users in need of cloud matching in advance, helping enterprises with all-channel marketing, and looking forward to helping more industry enterprises overcome difficulties and find opportunities. (3) suitable for Industry encounter and RE development

linked with the four exhibitions of Shanghai Muse exhibition

visionchina (Shanghai), electronica China 2020, productronica China 2020 and the 15th laser world of photonics China in Munich. All data will hit a new record and strive to build a flagship industry event in the Asia Pacific region. Bring more new products, cutting-edge technologies and high-end forums here. By then, it is expected to attract 3000 exhibitors at home and abroad

visionchina (Shanghai) some exhibitors have a look

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it is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wire, cable, textile, fiber, plastic, rubber, ceramics, metal information and manufacturing industries

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