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"Plastic bag" app has successfully opened the online market of the industry

from the current social development situation, there is no doubt that mobile Internet has become an important trend in the future development, and of course, it has also become a battleground for many enterprises in the future. Taking the traditional plastic industry as an example, the successful opening of the "plastic bag" app is to boldly layout the mobile internet field, bringing a new experience to the traditional plastic bag industry and consumers

currently, mobile Internet has shown a very broad prospect. According to the data of China Internet Network Information Center, as of December 2013, China's national scale has reached 500 million, accounting for 81% of the total number of people, and has maintained a stable growth. Undoubtedly, it can be seen that the current broad market of mobile Internet, then, building mobile clients with platform thinking and the application of bold and innovative Internet tools that must be reinforced, and launching the "plastic bag" app is an important breakthrough in the current industry, and it is also an important part of improving the competitiveness of the industry

senior industry research expert Chen xuncai pointed out that the current industry competition is very large. Judging from the current market, plastic packaging has accounted for more than 30% of the total output value of the packaging industry, becoming a new force in the packaging industry and playing an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production. In terms of the current production scale of plastic bags, the production of plastic packaging materials in China has also far exceeded the capacity retention rate, which has stabilized at 80%, and the western developed countries and Japan have jumped to the first place in the world, which shows the development and competition of the whole plastic packaging industry. Therefore, it is also very important to change and improve our competitiveness in time. The "plastic bag" app has successfully opened the online market of the industry and improved the competitiveness of the industry

it is understood that in addition to the traditional plastic bags being handed over online, the green environmental protection of the plastic bag industry has also been opened. From raw materials, to the design and manufacture of packaging, to the use and recycling of products, every link should be resource-saving, efficient and harmless. With the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry, new green plastic packaging is also emerging. At present, it has stuck to many consumers

there are many combinations of traditional industries and mobile Internet. The Internet thinking of traditional industries has been displayed incisively and vividly in this era. The online road of "plastic bag" app is undoubtedly smooth. While making full use of the Internet, they put the quality of products and services first. While more traditional industries embrace interconnection, their e-commerce forms are gradually maturing. While the Internet and traditional industries are constantly improving, the combination of the two is bound to spark new innovation and development in the industry

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