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The plastic agricultural film industry is seeking new development

in 2015, the No. 1 central document will focus on the "three rural" issues for the 12th consecutive year. As early as the central rural work conference, which ended at the end of last year, focused on the theme of agricultural modernization, and discussed several opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further deepening rural reform and accelerating agricultural modernization (discussion draft). Industry insiders pointed out that according to past practice, this discussion draft will officially form the No. 1 central document of 2015 after discussion and revision

in 2015, China's economy entered the new normal, actively adapted to the new normal, comprehensively deepened reform, accelerated innovation transformation, maintained and artificially repaired it, and continued to improve innovation vitality, industrial competitiveness and environmental carrying capacity, which undoubtedly put forward newer and higher requirements for the agricultural film industry in previous years, which is also a major development opportunity. The rapid development of agricultural film industry has made great contributions to improving land yield, enhancing agricultural disaster resistance, achieving stable and high agricultural yield, promoting the optimization of planting structure, enhancing the effective supply of agricultural products, and improving farmers' income, which is of greater significance to the situation of less deformed land and poor natural conditions caused by the torsion of arable samples in China

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