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The innovative manufacturing process of plastic bags greatly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide (as shown in the figure below). Inorganic powder prevents white pollution

the degradation of ordinary plastic bags buried in the soil takes at least 200-300 years. The degradation speed of plastic bags added with inorganic powder is increased by 100 times, and it only takes 2-3 years to reduce the use of plastic water cups

the inorganic mineral powder in the inorganic powder plastic products has a rapid erosion effect on the buried polymer materials, which is conducive to the aging and disintegration of plastic products, which has been listed in the list of dangerous chemicals in China. If the plastic products are burned, it is conducive to the full combustion of plastic products, and at the same time, it can also reduce the amount of harmful substances discharged into the atmosphere by the incineration products

through actual calculation, if inorganic powder is used in 3million tons of packaging plastic bags produced nationwide, at least 700000 tons of synthetic resin with oil as raw material can be saved for the country, which is more in line with the reduction principle of plastic "white pollution" and protects the earth's environment and resources. Hunan Province has formed a production capacity of 2000 tons of environmental protection plastic products. Hunan has a foundation, so we should industrialize inorganic powder modified plastics as soon as possible and speed up the speed of entering the market

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