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The market of plastic additives in the United States increased steadily

according to the survey and statistics of BCC (businesscommunica - tionscompany), the market scale of major plastic additives in the world reached about 16.4 billion US dollars in 2000. By region, Asia accounts for about 35%, North America 28%, Europe 25% and other regions 12%. In 2000, the market size of plastic additives in the United States was about 4.6 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2005, the average annual growth rate can be maintained at about 4%

plastic additives are an important part of the whole plastic industry, and their demand is also closely related to the consumption of plastic raw materials. In 1973, the production of plastic raw materials in the United States was only 59.7 billion pounds, and by 2000, it had increased to more than 100 billion pounds. In the past 27 years, its average annual growth rate was about 4.8%, and the consumption growth of plastic additives was basically the same, and even the growth rate of some additives was even higher

in the U.S. plastic additive market, the market share of plasticizers is the highest, nearly 28%, but the average annual growth rate from now to 2005 is the lowest, only 2%; Benzoates are still the most widely used plasticizers due to their excellent plasticizing efficiency, melting rate, viscosity and other application characteristics, as well as their low price. In addition, from 2000 to 2005, the annual sales of heat stabilizers and UV stabilizers in the United States will also increase from $770 million to $915 million, with an average annual growth rate of 4%; Modifiers, lubricants and antioxidants are closely related to product quality and personal safety year on year, promoting 100% of annual sales from 1 US $5.5 billion increased to US $1.390 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 4%; Peroxides and Pu catalysts will increase from 428million US dollars to 501million US dollars, with an average annual growth of 3%. At the same time, they should also have good strength plasticity fracture toughness fatigue resistance stress corrosion resistance and spalling corrosion resistance; Antistatic agents and foaming agents will increase from US $90million to US $110million, with an average annual increase of 4%; Among all kinds of plastic additives, flame retardants have the fastest growth rate. It is expected that the average annual growth rate will reach 6% in the next five years. Its market sales will increase from $797million to $1063. Specific indicators such as the recycling rate of post use refractory materials will be $billion. By 2005, the share of flame retardants in the plastic additive market will also increase from 17% in 2000 to 19%

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