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Drinking water in plastic bags has attracted attention

disposable plastic can be summarized as follows: drinking water in plastic bags may enter people's lives soon. Put drinking water similar to milk in plastic bags on the water dispenser, and you can use it like barreled water. At the special rectification work meeting of barrel (bottle) drinking water held by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision a few days ago, bagged drinking water has just appeared, and industry insiders applauded it after curiosity

bagged water is not mysterious: 7.5 liters of drinking water is packed in transparent composite PE bags, like a 30 cm square pillow, like an enlarged Tetra Pak bag containing milk. All its secrets lie in the packaging bag: in order to prevent pollution, such a packaging bag is colorless, tasteless, safe and reliable, high temperature resistant, and has strong pressure resistance and leak resistance. In the case of full water, even if there is a 75 kg adult standing on it, it will not be crushed

in the process of use, bagged water is lighter than barreled water, and the process of changing water is easier. At present, for the use of bagged water with the obvious advantage of replacing wood with plastic, in addition to using a special water dispenser to add bagged water, the user of the power station as the lessee can pay rent and interest to financial institutions for heat or freezing treatment. If it is used on a traditional water dispenser, it also needs to add a connector. The connectors are designed into containers of various shapes, such as balls and UFOs. 95% of traditional drinking fountains can place the bagged water in them after installing the connectors, and then drink water through the original water intake

the quality supervision department said that in addition to being convenient to use, the more important feature of bagged water is that it can effectively eliminate secondary pollution. From the current supervision of barreled drinking water in Shanghai, it is an old problem affecting the quality of drinking water that the recycling barrels are not thoroughly cleaned, resulting in secondary pollution and exceeding the standard of microorganisms in the water. However, the bagged water abandons the recycling bucket and uses the disposable plastic film disinfected by chlorine disinfection, finished water rinsing, ultraviolet disinfection and other links to seal and package, which can fundamentally solve the problem of secondary pollution

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