The hottest plastic bag blocks the rail transit tr

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plastic bag blocking rail transit train

at about 10 a.m. yesterday, passengers on rail transit line 9 noticed that the train from Dongjing to Sheshan would stop for 4 to 5 minutes longer than usual. It turned out that there was a strong wind yesterday, and the line 9 tunnel adjusted the spacing by relying on the movement of the console to connect the console. There were plastic bags wrapped on the contact between duanjing and Sheshan, which hindered the normal passage of the train. After that, the passing train alternately dropped the bow to avoid this place, and the operation efficiency was reduced. Then, after the treatment of the subway maintenance personnel in 2012, the foreign matters were removed, and the train in this section resumed normal operation

according to reports, when the driver was driving the train, he found that the strong wind blew the plastic bag onto the contact and wrapped it. Therefore, the subway operator immediately took measures to eliminate the danger

in order to avoid the simple work of getting off, the construction of Shanghai Metro new line has been improved

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