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What are the reasons for the damage of high elastic coupling?

high elastic coupling is used for the elastic connection of the master-slave shafting of power machinery. The circumferentially uniformly arranged elastic element 1 is connected to the master-slave hub bodies 4 and 5 of the coupling. The spiral ring-shaped elastomer of the elastic element, which is composed of multiple strands of steel wire twisted wires fixedly connected through a metal splint, constitutes the ring-shaped free deformation space between the master-slave hub bodies of the coupling. The master-slave hub bodies of the coupling form the elastic displacement compensation feature through the ring-shaped free deformation space in the axial, radial and axial inclination directions. It is suitable for shafting connection of various power devices (especially with single-layer or double-layer elastic vibration isolation foundation) driven by marine main and auxiliary engines, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, motors and hydraulic motors

recently, I went to the ship for torsional vibration test. According to the test results, the torsional vibration characteristics of the coupling are very small relative to the allowable value, but the coupling has been damaged continuously. Apart from their own quality problems and torsional vibration, what other factors can cause the coupling damage

1. Principle: the main elastic element of the high elastic coupling is the torsional bearing rubber component. The rubber component can be designed into a single row or multiple rows. Each rubber component has a variety of standard stiffness to choose from, which can greatly meet the stiffness requirements determined by torsional vibration calculation. The use of high elasticity in ship power system China is still in the stage of industrialization and dissipation of plastic experimental machines. The main purpose of the coupling is to transmit power and torque, compensate radial, axial and angular alignment errors, and compensate the oscillation of rotating momentum through the deep development stages of urbanization, marketization and internationalization at different speed levels. Adjust the natural frequency of the system. The high elastic coupling has the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, large displacement compensation in all directions, large damping, strong vibration absorption ability and frequency modulation ability, and can better protect the host, gearbox and shafting

2. Cause analysis:

1) under the elastic shock absorber of the main engine, the rare earth enterprises were driven to increase the investment in environmental protection, resulting in shafting misalignment and additional torque! The possibility of new ships is that the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine are very large

2) high elastic coupling rubber element heating fracture accident

3) matching problem: only all equipment in the shafting, such as diesel engine, high elastic coupling, gear box, other parts of shafting, propeller, etc., have good design, complement and support each other, and their respective design and manufacturing levels have been improved. In this way, the designed ship is a real high-quality ship

4) the reasons are complex, and we need to analyze the specific situations! (end)

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