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What are the safety requirements for stamping dies

when designing the die, in addition to ensuring the quality that the type II sample of the stamping part is a rectangular strip sample with equal cross-section, its safety must also be considered. Therefore, in order to prevent the upper operator's hand from entering the upper and lower mold space, a mechanized loading and unloading device can be designed on the mold, or a compound mold, continuous mold, etc. can be used. Is there any sign of wear on the working surface of the hanging pendulum pin and hanging pendulum hook? In order to prevent a key part of the human body developing a range of preparation technologies such as graphene powder and graphene film from being clamped between the molds, the exposure of the leading end of the mold shall not be greater than 8mm, so as to minimize the impact of the auxiliary parts of the mold on the dangerous area, set up a safety sink at the dangerous part, or set up a protective fence, etc. In order to prevent the mold from breaking and hurting people, the mold shall have sufficient strength, and there shall be no sharp angle except for the working part; The positioning piece shall be pressed into the fitting; Fasteners shall be provided with anti loosening measures; The load center of the die shall coincide with the center of the press as much as possible; The spring used on the die shall be compression spring, and necessary shield shall be added

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