What are the most popular types of remote parking

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What are the categories of remote parking space locks

according to the shape, the parking space lock mainly includes "X" type, "K" type, "U" type, "O" type and

"▲" type (also known as "a" type)

"X" type: it is a remote control parking lock for vertical lifting. The feature is that the support foot in the raised state is X-shaped, so it is called "X" type remote control parking space lock. The advantage is that the volume in the lowered state is relatively small. People who do not know it think it is a general roadblock. They use maintenance free battery for power supply. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not prevent collision. "K" type: it is a remote-control parking space lock with two upturned ends, which looks like a horizontal K from a distance. This kind of parking lock has simple structure and light drive, but it has obvious corners, which is easy to hurt people and the car, and is not anti-collision

"U" type: it is a remote control parking space lock with swing lifting. The lifting state is a big U. this kind of parking space lock is relatively large, eye-catching and has a good appearance. It uses 12v7ah maintenance free battery for power supply. It has general waterproof performance. The waterproof height is 4cm. There is no problem in washing the parking lot, but it is not ideal for outdoor use

"O" type horizontal tensile testing machine should pay attention to: It is a remote-controlled parking lock with swing lifting. As the name suggests, it rises like an o word. Its face is friendly. I don't know whether it is: 'OK, come on!' It means, ha ha, just kidding, but this place is not a place to greet guests. It is a place to refuse others. This design should be for the needs of anti-collision, so that it is not easy for the car to process two sample notches at the same time: one V-shaped (2mm deep) and one U-shaped (2mm deep) (two V-shaped or two U-shaped notches can also be used). Generally, 6V maintenance free battery is used for power supply, and it also has waterproof function

"▲" type: many people call it "a" type, but I think it is the most appropriate to call it triangle, which is also a remote control parking lock for swing lifting. The yellow triangle itself is very warning. If you want to occupy a seat, you should be a bit overbearing. It is said to be a triangle, but in fact it is all rounded corners. Don't worry about the car injury. This kind of remote control parking space lock is a two-way anti-collision. Various places have also issued regulations related to golf corruption to reset automatically. Because the working current is small, it uses dry battery for power supply. Because the temperature resistance of dry battery is much higher than that of battery (up to 70 ℃ - -30 ℃) and there is no need for "ventilation", it can be placed in a fully enclosed box to achieve real fully enclosed waterproof, with a beautiful appearance and is not suitable for outdoor use

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