What are the most popular Pu categories you know

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What Pu categories do you know

polyether polyols used in polyurethane (PU) high resilience sponges are generally EO terminated, with high polyether activity. The produced sponges have mixed pore diameters, different skeleton thicknesses, and large opening rates. When pressed, they will produce rebound forces with different supporting forces under different deformation states. Therefore, sofas, cushions and mattresses made of high resilience sponges can provide better reinforcing superconducting materials, nano materials Graphene and other strategic cutting-edge materials have been laid out and developed in advance, which is a more ideal comfort factor. It is an ideal material for high-end car seats, sofa seats and office seats

pu slow rebound sponge

polyurethane slow rebound, also known as memoryfoam, is a polyurethane polymer with open cell structure. This material has special viscoelastic properties, reflects very soft material characteristics, and has strong impact energy absorption capacity. This material molecule is very sensitive to temperature, so it is also called temperature sensitive memory cotton

pu self skinning sponge

soft self skinning P due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory, u foam plastic products are applied to automobile steering wheel, armrest, headrest, bicycle seat, motorcycle, armrest and headrest of easy chair, door handle, baffle and bumper, etc. The vast majority of polyester self skinned PU products are used in the shoemaking industry to make all kinds of leather shoes, shoe covers, mining shoes, riding boots, etc

polyurethane rigid foam

polyurethane rigid foam is prepared by the reaction of rigid foam polyether polyol (polyurethane rigid foam combination polyether, also known as white material) and polymerized MDI (also known as black material). It is mainly used to prepare rigid polyurethane foam, which is widely used in refrigerator, cold storage, spraying, solar energy, thermal pipeline, construction and other fields

polyurethane soft foam

according to the different degree of hardness, i.e. load-bearing performance, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into ordinary soft foam, super soft foam, high load-bearing soft foam, high rebound soft foam, etc. with the wider use of prestressed steel strands, high rebound soft foam and high load-bearing soft foam are generally used to manufacture seat cushions and mattresses. According to different production processes, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into block soft foam and molded soft foam. Block soft foam is a foam product that produces large volume foam through continuous process and then cuts it into the desired shape. Molded soft foam is a foam product that directly mixes raw materials through gap process and then injects it into the mold to form the desired shape

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