What are the most popular types of rice paper

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What are the types of rice paper?

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it is necessary to check whether there is water shortage in the water tank of the wet ball sensor.

generally speaking, there are (3) 0 ° 6 0 ° 8 0 ° 8 5 ° rice paper in the conventional low-temperature tank. According to the processing methods, they can be basically divided into three types that are easy to be produced in a wide range, namely, raw rice paper, cooked rice paper and semi cooked rice paper

there are many categories of Sheng Xuan, such as jade plate, Jiagong, jingpi, Shan Xuan, mianlian, etc. You should know that these have not been processed to a certain extent. They are strong in water absorption and water absorption. It is easy for the ink rhyme to spread. With the ink splashing method and ink accumulation method, you can receive the artistic effects of water halo ink seal. Many calligraphers choose this paper when they write about the artistic conception of landscape. Although Sheng Xuan's paintings are interesting in ink, they can be settled immediately after writing. The water and ink permeate quickly and are difficult to master

what we mean by "Shu Xuan" now is to use alum and other things to paint on the paper during processing. Generally speaking, the paper is hard and can absorb water very strongly. He recalled, "there are more plastic bags there than the fish below, so it won't scatter. Therefore, the characteristics make Shu Xuan suitable for painting fine brushwork rather than ink freehand brushwork. However, the shortcomings are also obvious, such as" alum leakage "or fracture. Shuxuan can be reprocessed. Coral, mica paper, cold gold, wine gold, waxy Golden Flower rib, peach red tiger skin, etc. are all colored papers reprocessed by Shuxuan. Sheng Xuan has very high water absorption capacity. When writing in light ink, the ink is easy to penetrate and melt. Writing in thick ink is relatively easy

of course, semi cooked Xuan is also the beginning of emphasizing our health Xuan. Generally speaking, the water absorption capacity is between the two, "Yuban Xuan" belongs to this category

according to different material ratios, generally speaking, we can divide them into three categories: cotton, leather and Jiangjing. Among them, there are single Xuan, double Xuan, second floor and third floor. The specifications are 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, Zhang 2, Zhang 4 and Zhang 8. Generally speaking, cotton refers to the paper with raw material sandalwood skin content of about 40%, which is thinner and lighter; Clean skin means that the content of sandalwood skin reaches more than 60%; The content of sandalwood skin, a special raw material, is more than 80%. Comparatively speaking, the heavier the composition of leather, the better the quality of paper

the above is our explanation of China's paper industry

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