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What are the new features of the development of carton printing technology?

carton is an indispensable product in our daily life. As a packaging product, carton can not only make the outside light look good, but also distinguish the true from the false. With the development of carton packaging in recent years, carton packaging has developed quite rapidly. Carton packaging with excellent external light exquisite printing technology has been more and more favored by everyone, such as carton packaging of drugs and carton packaging of food, so it is also a challenge for the printing technology. With the improvement of carton printing technology and the improvement of machinery and equipment, the carton printing technology has developed many new characteristics of its own. So what are the new features of the development of carton printing technology

first, a variety of printing methods coexist, and flexographic printing is growing fastest. At present, flexographic printing technology is developing rapidly, and the proportion of flexographic printing is growing fastest in medium and small batch, medium and low-grade printing

second, from single-layer materials to multi-layer materials, carton materials are available from 1 layer to 7 layers. However, the use of multi-layer materials is increasing at present. In general, multi-layer materials require high quality. However, multi-layer materials also require high quality. Therefore, good machinery and equipment must be provided to ensure the quality of multi-layer printing, With the increasing demand for multi-layer packaging materials in the future, multi-layer materials will have a broader market space

III. The development of single sheet paper to web paper and single machine to online production. Sheet fed printing machine used to be the main type of carton printing. It has many advantages, such as simple plate making, standardized printing color decks, and strong universality, which are related to national defense, military industry, transportation, energy, health care and other aspects. However, the subsequent processing is complex and generally only suitable for small and medium-sized batch production. In the field of short plate production, it is facing the competition of Web flexo printing press; In mass printing, web gravure printing has been in a leading position. Due to the increase in the use of web printing machines for on-line large sheet cutting, on-line die cutting, corner material removal, compounding, on-line slitting and rewinding, the production process and on-line production equipment of machine-made cartons are more and more widely used

fourth, environmental protection and health standards have been gradually improved. With the current slogan of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, the national requirements for environmental protection and health conditions have been gradually raised, and its position in the national economy has become increasingly obvious. The carton packaging and printing industry needs to improve its technology. On the basis of promoting the development of the printing industry, it is actively energy-saving and environmental protection, so as to continuously promote the sustainable development of the country's equipment in measurement

fifth, the comprehensive application of various relevant new technologies continuously optimizes the whole carton packaging and printing production system. The improvement of carton printing technology is a process of comprehensive application. Only continuous improvement and comprehensive application can ensure the continuous development of carton packaging and printing industry

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