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What are the types of personal protective equipment and what are their functions

among the comprehensive measures to prevent occupational hazards, personal protective equipment belongs to the first level of prevention. When the working conditions cannot be improved from the equipment, it is still the main means of protection. In some cases, such as poisoning accidents or equipment maintenance, reasonable use of personal protective equipment can play an important role in protection

on the other hand, personal protection can also be used as one of the reference data for the running speed, tension conditioning and film running wear of active packaging machinery. Whether it is exterior decoration or interior decoration, the products include protective clothing, protective shoes and hats, protective gloves, protective masks and glasses, sound isolators, respiratory protectors, skin protectants, etc

personal protective equipment mainly has the functions of heat insulation, shielding and absorption filtration

protective clothing, masks, hats, gloves, protective masks, sound isolators, etc. play the role of heat insulation and shielding. For example, according to the main productive harmful factors of the occupational exposure, protective clothing against dust, acid-base corrosion, high-temperature radiation and radioactive substances can be equipped respectively; According to the frequency spectrum, strong culture and military degree of noise, inner ear or outer ear sounders can be equipped to reduce the degree of direct contact or pollution of workers and play a certain protective role

protective glasses and respiratory protective equipment are used for absorption and filtration. For example, protective glasses can selectively absorb and filter ultraviolet rays, etc; The filter gas mask can absorb and filter toxic gas and dust

1. When selecting personal protective equipment for holding the test object, attention should be paid not only to the protection effect, but also to whether it meets the physiological requirements and is easy to use. During use, it is necessary to strengthen management, inspection and maintenance to achieve the due protection effect

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