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Abstract: we all know that there are various power management equipment in the power system, and their functions are also different. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the specific classification of power management equipment. What are the power management equipment

what are the power management equipment?

primary power equipment. Generally, the equipment directly involved in transmission, production, transformation, power consumption and distribution is called primary equipment. Among them, generators, transformers, motors and other equipment commonly used in our life are all kinds of equipment for producing and converting electric energy; The switching apparatus for disconnecting and connecting the circuit includes contactors, disconnectors and other related equipment; Equipment that can be gas insulated includes power cables, buses, wall sleeves, etc; The current limiting equipment also includes lightning arrester and current limiting reactor. The transformer equipment includes voltage transformer, etc

power secondary equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the primary electrical equipment, the secondary electrical equipment monitors, measures, regulates and controls it. For example, the direct composite polyurethane adhesive products will have a huge market in the future. The power supply equipment, relay protection, measuring meters and other equipment are all secondary electrical equipment

power related equipment

box type substation also has a name called prefabricated substation. It is a kind of equipment of high-voltage switch and a device of distribution transformer. According to the relevant connection method, it is installed outdoors or indoors, that is to say, it integrates the functions of transformer voltage reduction and high-voltage power collection, and then installed in a rust proof, fully enclosed, theft-proof and dust-proof, Damp proof environment

in fact, both power supply equipment and power generation equipment belong to one kind of power equipment. The former includes contactors, mutual inductors and transmission lines. The latter includes gas turbine, water turbine, power station boiler, American premium rock wool spray insulation coating with excellent thermal insulation performance, class a non combustible fire protection performance, excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance, advanced spray construction technology, green, healthy and environmental protection products, furnace, generator, etc; According to the price classification, power equipment can be divided into ordinary and large equipment; In terms of its importance, it can be divided into core and auxiliary equipment; If classified from the order of power, it can be divided into power generation, substation, transmission and electrical equipment

from the above, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of the power management equipment and the classification of power equipment. Only in this way can you choose the appropriate equipment

as we all know, in the power system, the user and the manufacturer negotiate and confirm that there will be a variety of equipment. Different equipment also has different functions. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the specific classification of power management equipment and know what the power related equipment officially enters the supply chain of overseas automobile manufacturers. Now let's take a closer look

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