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Novice decoration guide: cabinets from the details of quality

seven things to open the door: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, all closely connected with the kitchen

nowadays, the contents of these seven things have changed, but the important role of the kitchen in the family like a gas station has not changed. In the market, we can see all kinds of complete sets of cabinets, and the prices also vary greatly. So, how to judge the quality of cabinets? The relevant person of ju'an furniture company believes that the quality of cabinets can be judged from the details, mainly including the following points:

look at the edge banding: in distinguishing between cabinets produced by large manufacturers and those produced by small workshops, the most important point is to look at the edge banding of cabinets. Large manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, and use high temperature and high pressure edge banding. After edge banding, the appearance is clean and firm, so as to avoid the damage to the cabinet caused by long-term use of moisture, which can make the cabinet more durable

look at hardware accessories: in order to put the items in order, it is necessary to use some hardware accessories to achieve the goal, such as the rotating disc suitable for the placement of corner cabinets, the dividing frame of push-pull storage cabinets, etc. A good cabinet is the perfect combination of hardware accessories, cabinet body and cabinet door. It can open and close freely without noise, and can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage

water stop design: a special water stop design is added to the table, so that the water on the table is not easy to fall on the cabinet, which is also the guarantee for the long-term use of the cabinet

the environmental protection of cabinet materials is very important, which is mainly reflected in the adhesives used for plates, countertops and edge banding. These materials should meet the requirements of environmental protection. Among them, the board needs to choose the man-made board whose formaldehyde emission meets the standard, and the table top is better choice with fireproof board and man-made stone

meticulous and comprehensive service is also an important condition for a good cabinet. It includes not only the door-to-door measurement design before sale, careful installation during sale, but also after-sales service. For example, establish user files, pay a return visit in time, and solve problems in time




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