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Metso Paper production line has been put into operation in Japan's North Vietnam Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Japan's largest paper production line in history has been completed and put into operation in Niigata factory of North Vietnam Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In July this year, the startup work was successfully completed. On September 3, the company held a grand opening ceremony to celebrate the official production line

the large-scale investment project provided by Metso will enable North Vietnam paper to have stronger strength in the increasingly competitive Japanese and Asian markets. Niigata paper factory has an annual output of 1million tons of coated paper. The new production line will increase this output by nearly 400000 tons. According to Sanlun Zhengming, the director of the factory, the main purpose of this investment is to improve the competitiveness of the company in the Japanese and global markets in terms of product cost and quality

the paper machine adopts the Opticoncept concept of Metso, with a width of 10.7 meters and a speed of 1600 meters/min. it is the largest paper machine that Metso has mandatory requirements for safety experiments. The supply includes the whole paper machine, air system, auxiliary equipment and automation system. Project management, installation guidance, startup support and 2. Training on materials with high hardness are also included in the supply

Niigata paper mill is the flagship plant of North Vietnam paper company and one of the largest paper mills in Japan. From pulping to paper processing system, the technology and efficiency of its process equipment are first-class. The product packages waiting for their next destination include printing paper and whiteboard

North Vietnam paper was founded in 1907. Its product range includes coating paper and special printing paper to meet its own needs and even the needs of the world. The company is also a large whiteboard manufacturer. The products are mainly for the domestic market of Japan. The four paper mills in North Vietnam are located in Niigata, shikawa, Ibaraki and Nagaoka. The company also owns timber forest land and is engaged in relevant machinery manufacturing business

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