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On February 11, a brief comment on PP warehouse receipts at noon

crude oil futures fell all the way, and Obama's rescue plan was realized through positive results. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse orders continued to fall sharply, opening sharply lower, and then plummeted. The market fell sharply. Profit taking positions were closed, and the index closed at 892.59 at the end of the day. The main variety pp0905 has a low opening length of 10 at 8190 yuan/ton μ M goes low. In the early stage, the buyer's high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher foam stability and improve production profits. Positions are wantonly closed. In the middle and rear market, many parties continue to take profits, and the disk surface declines. The K-line entity is under pressure on the 5-day moving average, and closed up at 8190 yuan/ton at the end of the market. The settlement price of pp0905 was 8054 yuan/ton, down 246 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today, the market trading atmosphere was good, with a significant increase in double volume

it is expected that the recent fall adjustment of China Plastics PP warehouse receipts is more likely to continue to be imposed with axial deformation

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