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Metso provides a toilet paper production line to a Moroccan company

Metso will provide a complete toilet paper production line to the berrechid paper factory of Morocco jeesr industries near Casablanca. The production line will be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2012. Some parts of analytical instruments and electrical instruments also belong to this category 1. The contract amount has not been announced. According to the supply scope and output, the market price of this type of toilet paper production line is between 15million and 20million euros

Metso supply is a complete toilet paper production line including pulp preparation equipment, an advantage dct100+ toilet paper machine, a rewinder and web packaging equipment. Through optimization and regulation, the production line will achieve the goals of improving product quality and saving energy and water consumption. In addition, Metso will also provide a complete set of automation systems for the project, including metsodna paper machine, process and linkage control, and PaperIQ selec quality control system equipped with iqscanner-i scanner and iqfiber sensor

2. Poor mobility. The width of the new paper machine is 2.85 meters, the working speed is 1800 meters/minute, and the output will reach 30000 tons/year. The products are used to produce high-grade facial tissue paper, toilet paper and towel paper. Raw wood pulp is used as raw material

jeesr industries is a private company affiliated with novatis group. Novatis group manufactures various consumer products including baby diapers. The products are sold in the domestic market of Morocco

Metso is a global supplier. With leading technology, it can only adjust one parameter for mining, construction and energy. It is impossible to make necessary improvement, automation, recycling and provide services for the sustainable development of pulp and paper industry. Its business organizations are located in more than 50 countries around the world, with a total of about 28500 employees

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