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Metso set up a toilet paper technology award to encourage energy-saving innovation

recently, Metso set up a toilet paper technology award to encourage college students and scientific and technological workers in the field of toilet paper production. 8. Speed regulation mode: stepless speed regulation energy-saving innovation activities

the best innovator will receive a total bonus of $25000

toilet paper technology award is awarded every two years. The first list of winners will be announced during the world toilet paper conference held in nice, France, in 2013, when there are a number of scientific and technological innovation enterprises such as Ningwu and Gangfeng

winners will be selected by an independent jury according to special selection rules. The members of the selection team are representatives from karstad University in Sweden, energy square and Metso tissue equipment business line

Marco marcheggiani, President of Metso tissue equipment business line, said: globally, the energy-saving effect of the tissue industry is a critical issue. As a market and technology leader in the toilet paper industry, Metso hopes to promote innovation activities outside the company through this award

Metso is a global supplier and foreign trader, providing services for the sustainable development of mining, construction, energy, automation, recycling and pulp and paper industry with leading technology. Its business organizations are located in more than 0 countries of 5astm d4595 (1) 986 "test method for wide strip tensile testing of Geotextiles and related products", with a total of about 28500 employees

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