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Mettler Toledo rapid moisture tester accelerates the rubber production process

halogen drying method is used to obtain results faster

Japan rubber manufacturing association uses the halogen lamp drying method listed in the new ISO standard for moisture determination, and the quality test using halogen moisture tester is 5 times faster than the oven method gradually started

the tire manufacturing industry is one of the largest users of natural and synthetic rubber. The safety and quality of tyres need to be strictly controlled, and all raw materials must pass a number of quality tests. The iso248 international standard specifies two analysis methods for the moisture and other volatile matter content of raw rubber: hot rolling mill method and oven method. Both of these methods require a lot of manpower and time, which is also the reason why Japan Rubber Manufacturing Association (jrma) considers adopting other alternative methods due to the targeting of policy resources to open the control system from the desktop. With the help of Mettler Toledo, the Japan rubber manufacturing association finally found the long sought technical support and professional technology of moisture determination

the moisture content of natural and synthetic rubber is very low, such as 1% moisture content (typical value is 0.20~0.40% MC), and it is difficult to obtain reproducible results. A series of tests with halogen moisture meter show that it can obtain similar results with the reference method oven method. However, the test time is greatly shortened to one fifth of the original. Even at the production site, METTLER TOLEDO instrument can also operate efficiently and accurately, and it is easy to clean carbon black and other particulate matter. Jrma is confident that its members will be happy to use this efficient and cost-effective method of measuring moisture in supply chain compliance solutions for retail and industrial manufacturing. Their goal is to establish a halogen drying method in the revised iso248, and provide a better and faster determination method for the rubber industry, so as to produce high-quality and high reliability tires

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