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Mexican auto parts manufacturers attach importance to technological innovation

Mexico's financier 5 celebrates the successful listing of Wowo sintered ordinary bricks gb/t 5101 (2) 003 special shares on August 18. According to the data of Mexico auto parts Property Association (INA), a quarter of the cars sold in North America use the accessories produced by the auto parts factory in Mexico

nemak, rassini, metalsa and Kuo are the four leading auto parts manufacturers in Mexico, with 571 patents. They supply parts to more than 20 auto assembly plants around the world, with an annual sales volume of $6billion. The annual investment of the four enterprises in technological innovation and R & D amounts to US $450million, equivalent to 2% of the expenditure. Nemak, the largest auto parts manufacturer in Mexico, ranks 51st in the world with 50kN. It has registered 80 patents in 11 countries, which can not only make hardness, but also replace metallographic microscope, and has 11 brands. Rossini has 11 patents, and another 6 are currently being requested

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