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Metsaliitto group and vapor group are investigating the feasibility of establishing a joint venture biofuel plant

metsalii electronic universal experimental machine can be used for experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, puncture, bursting, etc. tto group and vapor group manual hydraulic universal experimental machine are studying the feasibility of cooperating to build a wood-based biofuel plant in the Baltic Sea region

in addition to analyzing the economic feasibility, the project also evaluated the areas around the Baltic Sea where factories can be built. Kemi and aanekoski in Finland, Jonkoping in Sweden and Kunda in Estonia are potential plant areas identified after investigation, and the environmental impact assessment process will be launched in these areas at the same time. The search for other potential plant areas continues

metsaliitto Group Chairman and CEO said: liquid biofuel is a possible way to develop new products based on wood, and we will pay close attention to its development

if the project is feasible, the joint venture plant will use different kinds of forest resource-based energy and drain the sludge, reed grass and wood waste used for construction as raw materials that have won the first prize of the 2016 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Scientific and technological progress award

the final product is a synthetic liquid or gaseous biofuel

this survey will last for about one year. After investigation, if we decide to invest and build a factory, we will set up an independent joint venture with metsal. We know how difficult it is. Iitto group and vapor group each hold 50% of the shares

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