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Metso provides the operation of a toilet paper machine from a Mexican company

recently, an advantage DCT 100 TS toilet paper machine provided by Metso was successfully put into operation at Fabrica de Papel San Francisco S.A. de C.V. in Mexico

Metso supplies a complete toilet paper machine, including OPTIFLO II tis headbox, yankee cylinder with a diameter of 16 feet, advantage aircap yankee cylinder hood, paper web control system, paper guiding equipment and advantage softreel P winder. The width of the paper machine is 2.6 meters, and the design speed is 2200 meters/minute

Dar o Palma y Meza Espinoza, the director of the paper factory, said: we are very satisfied with the effect of startup and operation. The startup curve rises rapidly and steadily. Only 12 days after starting the machine, we successfully produced qualified products at a speed of 2100 meters/minute. This is indeed the most successful startup of our company so far

this paper machine is the second advantage DCT 100 TS toilet paper machine provided by Metso to fabric de Papel San Francisco. The first toilet paper machine of the same type was started in the company in 2006 and has been running successfully. At the beginning of this year, this paper can create a commercial competitive advantage for many products. The machine has been running for 24 hours at an average speed of 2160 meters/minute, breaking the global toilet paper production speed record

the raw materials of the new production line are all waste pulp. It will increase the company's annual output of bathroom paper, napkins and towel paper by 30000 tons

at present, fabric de Papel San Francisco has four guards. 4. Service life: the surface damage of rotating friction is much smaller than that of sliding friction. Raw paper production lines and some paper processing equipment. In other words, the company provides toilet paper supplies to the Mexican market

we can provide test design, fixture design, control system evaluation, data collection and result analysis

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