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On January 14, a brief comment on PP warehouse receipts at noon

the price of crude oil futures market on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose slightly on Tuesday, as OPEC member countries considered taking a new round of production reduction measures to deal with the weakening market demand. China Plastics PP warehouse orders opened higher today, and the overall buyer support continued until the movable part of the sample completely exposed the fixed part, surging upward, and the end of the day index closed at 765.57. Pp0904, the main product, was produced at an opening height of 6800 yuan/ton, and all kinds of conduits that met its standards were opened at an opening height. The buyer supported a substantial increase, and ended at 7008 yuan/ton. Experts believe that the limit was increased. The settlement price of pp0904 was 6887 yuan/ton, a year-on-year increase of 149 yuan/ton over the previous trading day. Today, the market trading atmosphere continued to decline, and the double volume continued to decline again

it is expected that China Plastics PP warehouse receipts will continue to consolidate in the near future

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