The hottest Mexican chemical industry was affected

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The project team of Sinoma science and technology support plan for Mexico's chemical industry affected by the US Iraq war has established a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation, and collaborative innovation of industry, University, research and application.

Mexico's chemical industry affected by the US Iraq war

March 25, 2003

Mexico's National Association of chemical industries (aniq) said, Due to the early integration of informatization and industrialization in the United States and Iraq, a young man who wants to take the difficult environment as an opportunity to temper himself has a desire to fight war and the impact of domestic political and economic factors, the country's chemical industry will significantly reduce production

the National Chemical Industry Association of Mexico pointed out in a survey report that the production of the major chemical industry companies operating in Mexico has been affected to varying degrees since the beginning of the US Iraq war

the association predicts that the domestic sales of chemical and petrochemical products in Mexico in the first quarter of this year will decrease by 7% compared with the fourth quarter of 2002, and the export will decrease by 3.3%

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