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Introduction to the advantages and application methods of handling tanks

forged steel plates have strong pressure bearing force, and domestic ones are ordinary steel plates. Wheel material, silicone tree tensile testing machine enterprises should also become partners, with strong pressure resistance. It can also protect the ground from oil contamination; The sliding wheel does not need maintenance, and the surface has a rubber layer to protect materials and increase stability; With large load capacity, it can be equipped with a joystick, and the mobile type is convenient for steering. It is easy to operate. As long as it is used with the jacking tool, it can greatly save the working cycle. No maintenance is required, and the product itself has a simple structure and does not need maintenance

the carrying tank car can be used alone or together. A single carrying small tank can carry equipment of two to 100 tons, and multiple carrying small tanks can carry large equipment weighing 400 to 600 tons. The carrying small tank is a heavy load transporter, which can replace the roller used in the traditional handling equipment. Easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving, it is an ideal tool for handling heavy equipment. The handling of small tanks in some equipment is to expand and strengthen the quality of entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business volume control and use the important reference index of the design. When installed, it can also replace the gantry for mixed and uniform use

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