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Introduction to the advantages of spray dryer


Chinese: spray dryer

English: spray dryer[4]

a continuous atmospheric dryer. Spray the liquid material into a fog with special equipment to make it contact with hot air and dry. It is used to dry some heat sensitive liquids, suspensions and viscous liquids, such as milk, eggs, tannins and drugs. It is also used for drying dyes, intermediates, soap powder and inorganic salts

spray dryer is a small high-efficiency spray dryer specially designed for colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, scientific research departments engaged in medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, biopharmaceutics), food, chemical industry and other scientific research departments engaged in small-scale research. It has low noise in the drying process, fast drying speed, low heating temperature of liquid body, simple and convenient operation process, and is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials. It still retains its original color and flavor, and has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility. The solvent can directly obtain uniform dry powder, which is labor-saving, labor-saving and hygienic


advantages: 1. The drying process is rapid (generally no more than 30 seconds). Although the temperature of the drying medium is quite high, the material will not overheat; 2. Dry materials have been in powder state and can be directly packaged as finished products

disadvantages: the unit price of the extruder is always low. 1. The volume drying intensity is small, and the size of the drying chamber is large; 2、. Spray the liquid material into a fog, which consumes a lot of power. According to the methods of liquid spray, there are centrifugal spray drying, especially the centrifugal type spray dryer, mechanical spray dryer and pneumatic spray dryer

technical parameters

water evaporation: ≥ 2000ml/h

exhaust air volume: 0 0m3/min

liquid delivery flow: ml/min

power supply: AC380V 4.0kw

temperature regulation: 40 ℃ -200 ℃

ambient temperature: 20 ℃ -35 ℃

spray pressure: 0 5mpa

overall dimension: 650 × six hundred × 1350mm

heating and stirring: ℃ n/min

note: inflammables and explosives are forbidden

scope of application

chemical industry: organic catalyst adopts this kind of nylon material, which is in line with the development trend of automobile lightweight, resin, synthetic washing powder, grease, ammonium sulfate, dyes, dye intermediates, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate, etc

food: amino acids and analogues, seasonings, protein, starch, dairy products, coffee extract, fish meal, meat essence, etc

pharmacy: Chinese patent medicine, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules, etc

ceramics: magnesium oxide, porcelain clay, various metal oxides, dolomite, etc


1 Evaporation capacity is related to material characteristics. The evaporation capacity, temperature and other data in this table are for reference only

2. Fog 13. Report selection: different report formats can be selected according to user needs. The pressure and pump model are equipped according to the requirements of material handling capacity and product particle size

3. The power of the fan is increased after the bag filter is equipped

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