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Introduction to the advantages of modified film

it is understood that a CO2 plastic film decoration has been presented and will be quickly launched. The development of this CO2 plastic film device is not conducive to the completion of industrial production, and Huasheng Company is the first 10000 ton CO2 plastic film manufacturer in foreign countries. In addition, the two obvious advantages of CO2 plastic film products are: first, it is close to conservative polyethylene material and low capital; Second, compared with traditional degradable plastics, the composting degradation period of this CO2 plastic film is only 6 months. At the same time, CO2 plastic film has the right to produce independent knowledge in China

at present, the whole biological degradation of huashenggong modified plastics company is used to modify nylon engineering materials; The setting of CO2 plastic film production has been completed on November 9. The CO2 content in CO2 plastic film products is up to 60 due to problems in the selection of accessories for the experimental machine Compared with traditional polyolefin products, CO2 plastic film has higher profits, and the process needs to be improved. In the continuous production of full flow technology, which is relatively mature and solid, there is still a large gap. It is necessary to innovate catalytic singers and polymerization singers, improve the product molding and processing technology in the upstream work, demote the stubbornness of products, increase the scope of production and manufacturing, reclaim the wasteland product market, and form a virtuous cycle of research and development, production and sales, Further reduce the production cost of CO2 plastic film

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