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Reinforced nylon 66 has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance and electrical properties, high mechanical strength, self extinguishing and good dimensional stability. It is widely used in automotive products, textile products, pump impellers and first-class precision engineering components

mechanical properties of nylon blends with glass fiber and toughening agent. The results show that with the increase of glass fiber content, the tensile strength and bending strength of the material are greatly improved, while the impact strength is more complex. With the addition of toughening agent, the toughness of the material is greatly improved. Adding 30% - 35% glass fiber and 8% - 12% toughening agent, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material are the best

r-nylon is a plastic (fr-pa) reinforced by adding a certain amount of glass fiber to nylon resin. It can be divided into long glass fiber reinforced nylon (fiber and plastic particles are the same length, generally about 10mm) prepared by coating method and short glass fiber reinforced nylon (glass fiber length is about 0.2 ~ 0.7mm) prepared by mixing short fiber or continuous fiber into twin-screw extruder and then cutting and mixing

2. Nylon belongs to polyamide, but it is rigid and has amino group on its main chain. Amino groups have polarity and will be used for high-precision mutual attraction due to the role of hydrogen bonds. Therefore, nylon is easy to crystallize and can be made into fibers with high strength. Polyamide is a tough horny translucent or milky white crystalline resin, which is often made into cylindrical pellets. The molecular weight of polyamide used as plastic is generally 15000 ~ 20000

3. By adding 30% glass fiber to PA, the mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and aging resistance of PA66 are significantly improved, and the fatigue strength is 2.5 times that of unreinforced PA66

4. Use reinforcing materials to improve the properties of nylon. The reinforcing materials include glass fiber, asbestos fiber, carbon fiber, titanium metal, etc. among them, glass fiber is mainly used to improve the heat resistance, dimensional stability, rigidity and mechanical properties (tensile strength and bending strength) of nylon, especially the mechanical properties are significantly improved, and it has become an engineering plastic with excellent performance. There are two kinds of glass fiber reinforced nylon: long fiber reinforced nylon and short fiber reinforced nylon 66

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