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Lenovo Tablet PC small new pad quotation and configuration parameters introduction, is the performance you need

Lenovo Tablet PC small new pad is the latest Tablet PC launched by Lenovo. It adopts a 2K full screen, 6gb+128gb storage, and the appearance color is gray. It supports WiFi connection. Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, quotation and configuration introduction, for the reference of friends in need

I. Lenovo Tablet PC Xiaoxin pad experience:

it has been used for a period of time to grow grass in a certain East. It is mainly bought to show children videos. It has a good appearance, a thin large screen, very good sound quality, clear pictures, children like it very much, the camera is not good, the shooting is not clear, and the physical object is very satisfied.

getting old and gradually establishing measurement templates to calculate the uncertain results of measurement user comments, See how many faults there are, to ensure that the belt never deviates.

II. Lenovo Tablet PC Xiaoxin pad JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 1499.00

JD event quotation link:

III. Lenovo Tablet PC Xiaoxin pad configuration parameters:

IV. Lenovo Tablet PC Xiaoxin pad other user comments:

1. Received today, the logistics is very fast, and I feel good after opening it. I recommend it to you, Both appearance and performance are very good! And there are two options: tablet and computer mode. I have bought Lenovo's computer before, and now I feel that Lenovo's brand is good. I like it

2. It's much better than I expected. It's very thin and feels very good. I tested eating chicken as soon as I came back. I can play it very smoothly. I have to say that Xiaolong CPU is really awesome, which is much stronger than the previous M10. Lenovo's tablet feels good to be made

3. This pad is really good and cheap. Buy my mother one with four loaded gantry frames (special configuration). The demand for performance is not very high, so you can watch a video or something. I'm ok with the fluency of the system. I haven't experienced the game, but I don't expect the frame number of 2K screen to be too high. After all, 662 is very satisfied on the whole. Go to tmall to check the latest price

when it is issued, it is difficult to adjust the matching gap of ordinary rib: 10:01:56

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