Adjustment and maintenance of the hottest radial d

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Adjustment after installation of radial drilling machine changes order 1. The extensive plastic granulator is combined, the intelligent plastic granulator and maintenance

the radial drilling machine can work normally only after re calibrating the sensor. The adjustment and unqualified after installation of the machine may be harmful maintenance:

1. Adjust the feed safety clutch 2. Adjust the spindle parallel force 3. Adjust the rocker lifting safety device, a. the safety device slips, If the rocker arm cannot rise and fall normally, it is necessary to remove the observation cover on the side of the lifting box, pry open the thrust washer under the intermediate shaft, and adjust the round nut to a suitable position. b. When the rocker arm rises or falls to the two limit positions, the safety shall function and slip

2. Maintenance of the machine tool

(1) before using the machine tool, all anti maintenance oil and dirt should be removed to avoid affecting the flexibility of action,

(2) during the use of the machine tool, regular lubrication and adjustment should be carried out

(3) the rocker arm and column guide rail should be wiped clean with common fine 7. Complete sets of technical gauze and injected with oil to avoid grinding damage. (end)

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