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Introduction to pulping equipment of papermaking machinery

papermaking machinery is a machine that includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, until it is made into rolled or flat products, as well as processing paper and paperboard. Now let's introduce the paper machine of China paper industry, which is mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastic, film, paper, composite film, metal foil and other materials

pulping equipment is a kind of equipment used in the process of separating plant raw materials into fibers. In order to more actively promote the scientific and technological progress and talent development of the industry, the pulping methods can be divided into chemical method, nearly 7 trillion yuan mechanical method and chemical mechanical method. The corresponding pulping equipment includes digesters and wood mills. One of the difficulties lies in terminal testing, heat mills, pulp washers, bleachers, beaters and waste liquid recovery equipment

the pulp that is preheated by steam and then grinded under high pressure is called hot wood chip mill pulp. The machine that manufactures hot wood chip mill pulp is a heat mill, which consumes a lot of power, so making full use of the heat energy in the process of pulping is the key problem of the heat mill; Pulp washing machine is a mechanical equipment that separates the pulps from black liquor after cooking. According to the extraction rate of black liquor, there are two categories: high concentration and low concentration extraction

the purpose of bleaching is to remove the residual lignin and pigment in the pulp after cooking, improve the whiteness of the pulp, and make the pulp have a white color. Pulp bleaching machine is a kind of widely used bleaching equipment, which is composed of pulp bleaching tank screw propeller, washing drum and other components. The pulp and bleach are placed in the tank and the washing water is continuously added. With the help of the screw propeller, it circulates in the tank to complete the process of mixing and chemical reaction. The water with bleaching products and residual bleaching liquor is discharged through the inner cavity of the washing drum to obtain white pulp. The above is the introduction of

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