Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging of t

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Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging of food

the modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables is the most complex. After the fruit and vegetables are harvested, they are still a living organism. 7. The experimental speed te ensures the safety of the staff. Because the expansion speed is not directly related to the stretching speed, eed: 0.001~500mm/min carries out complex life activities such as dormancy, germination, water evaporation and respiration. These life activities all affect and restrict the packaging and storage time of fruits and vegetables, among which the biggest impact is respiration. Under normal circumstances, the stronger the respiration of fruits and vegetables, the shorter the storage time, and the easier it is to rot and deteriorate; However, it cannot completely inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, otherwise fruits and vegetables will wilt, lose luster, and be vulnerable to microbial infection. Generally, the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables can be controlled by controlling the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the mixed gas and the storage temperature. For example, the modified atmosphere packaging of oranges can control the oxygen concentration in the mixed gas to 12 5%, carbon dioxide concentration is 1 65%, which can better inhibit the respiratory intensity of citrus, and reduce the rotten fruit rate from 7.63%. For example, the friction inside aerospace machinery is high load work under the limit temperature of vacuum state to 2.32% Of course, when designing the modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables, we should also consider the inhibition of microbial growth and the moisture permeability of fruits and vegetables. How to control it is closely related to the variety, maturity, mechanical damage, external environment and other aspects of fruits and vegetables

in China, a lot of waste is caused by food decay every year, especially fruits and vegetables. The decay phenomenon caused by not using appropriate preservation methods in the process of harvest, transportation and storage is very common. If you eat spoiled food by mistake, it will also damage people's life and health. Therefore, the research on food preservation methods is very important. Modified atmosphere packaging can greatly improve the shelf life and fresh-keeping period of food without chemical treatment, which has good social and economic benefits. It is an important development direction of food packaging research in China in the future

Author: Han Xueshan

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