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Introduction to several special silk screen printing inks

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in the packaging and printing industry, several special silk screen printing inks are often used. Today, China's paper industry will start with silk screen printing inks. Let's introduce several special silk screen printing inks in detail

photosensitive line ink

I. operating environment: the selection of printing and exposure environment has a direct impact on the acquisition of fine lines. We should reduce the speed as much as possible and reduce the dust and foreign matter pollution in the printing room and exposure area. To achieve a high resolution of less than 100um, the environmental requirements are at least 100000 purification rooms

II. Pretreatment: in order to ensure that the board surface is clean and free of pollution, grease, oxides, etc., brush, grind, brush or slightly etch the board surface according to the degree of pollution

water film rupture test can check the cleanliness of the plate surface. The shorter the time the board stays after treatment, the better, so as to prevent the board from being oxidized or polluted

III. dilution: after the viscosity of the ink is adjusted, add a small amount of diluent (no more than 2%) to improve the printing effect on automatic printing. Note: fully stir for 10 minutes before use, and then stand for 15 minutes to eliminate bubbles

IV. printing: use t/cm polyester to form a film with a thickness of microns and a scraping angle of degrees

v. pre drying: the temperature and time can be adjusted according to the specific production process, generally minutes and degrees

VI. exposure: before exposure, ensure that the film and exposure table are clean and free of dust. In order to reduce the pollution caused by production, you can use the dust wheel to clean the film surface; The photosensitive spectral area is: nm, the exposure energy is: mj/cm2, the light level is: level

VII. Development: 1% sodium carbonate spray, the temperature is degrees, the pressure is psi, and the development time is seconds

VIII. Film removal: 5% hydroxide lightweight is not a patented sodium or potassium hydroxide solution in the automotive industry

IX. preservation: keep at a temperature of degrees, away from light and heat

thermosetting text ink

I. printing: it can be operated manually, semi automatically or fully automatically, and printed with t/cm

II. Oil blending: it is expected to maintain rapid growth in the second half of the year. In application, you can add% diluent

III. curing: convection oven: minutes, degrees

ir oven: minutes, 160 degrees

IV. washing: it is a kind of curing, which is difficult to remove once cured, so check carefully before baking

v. storage: degree, sealed and kept away from light and heat

strippable glue (blue glue)

first, viscosity: it can be divided into low viscosity: poise medium viscosity: poise high viscosity: poise

second, performance: 1. It acts as a solder mask to protect gold-plated fingers or gold-plated keys during hot-air leveling or wave soldering

2. Protect the keys and conductors covered with conductive ink during soldering. It can prevent the conductivity of the organic polymer film from being affected by other residues in the production process

3. Protect the pad in the surface mount process

4 experts and scholars, teachers and students of scientific research institutions, and enterprise technicians from the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are welcome to submit papers to protect specific plated through holes in the soldering process

III. pretreatment: the board surface needs to be cleaned and degreased before printing

IV. silk screen printing: use a round edged polyurethane scraper with shore hardness, and use 20 or 32t for silk

v. drying: drying at degrees for minutes. Baking cannot be too long, too much baking will cause peeling difficulties

VI. protection of plated through holes: in addition, the plated through holes can be protected during etching and soldering. In order to ensure that the blue glue in the holes can be easily and completely removed, 10t/cm polyester wire can be added with a thick layer of photosensitive material, and a soft scraper can be used

liquid photosensitive ink

I. pretreatment: treat the copper surface with a purpose grinding brush. If it is seriously polluted, use micro etching treatment

II. Oil mixing: the main agent and hardener shall be mixed in the proportion of 2:1 and fully stirred, and the use time shall not exceed 72 hours

III. dilution: the best amount of diluent to be added is 3%, and fully stir after adding

IV. printing: t/cm polyester printing, shore hardness. The glue scraping angle is degrees. 51T can print about micron thick films on 1oz lines. Thin film can get better flexibility

v. drying: air circulation oven for 30 minutes

air flow rate 5m/s

plate spacing mm

cool to room temperature before exposure

VI. exposure: use kW metal halogen lamp for mj/cm2. The room temperature should be controlled below 30 ℃. The exposure level is level

VII. Development: 0 Develop with 0% sodium carbonate or potassium carbonate. The pH value is 11.3-10.5, and the temperature is degrees

the pressure is psi, and the light level is level

VIII. Baking: the drying time is 60 minutes and the temperature is 150 degrees. Board spacing mm

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