Fujian's timber imports have increased significant

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Fujian's timber imports have increased significantly

since this year, Fujian Province, which has always been a major timber production province in the southern forest region of China, has experienced a substantial increase in timber imports. In the first three quarters, Fujian Province imported more than 100000 cubic meters of coniferous logs and sawn timber, and 150000 cubic meters of broad-leaved timber. 5. Loading and placing samples: conditioning the position of loading and placing samples on the experimental machine, a record high

in recent years, due to the state's increased protection of forest resources, the domestic wood supply is obviously tight. As a key forest region in southern China, the structural contradiction between wood production and inventory has become increasingly prominent this year in Fujian Province. Pine trees are less and less, while fir trees continue to increase; General materials are abundant, while special materials are scarce; High quality large diameter timber is in short supply, and the price is rising, while the supply of small and medium diameter timber is sufficient, and the demand is not booming

the situation in Fujian is representative in the southern forest region, which shows that the structural contradiction in China's wood market is becoming increasingly prominent. Increasing imports will be an important measure to maintain the stability of China's wood market despite the rapid development of the current plastic flexible packaging industry

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