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Fujifilm achieved a substantial profit in the semi annual report of fiscal year 2010

Fujifilm Holdings Co., Ltd. released the semi annual report of fiscal year 2010 (April 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010) on October 29, 2010. The data shows that the sales revenue in this quarter reached US $12.419 billion, an increase of 6 percentage points over the same period last year; The operating profit was $965 million, not only $1.06 billion higher than the same period last year, but also nearly 6 percentage points higher than the same period in fiscal year 2008 before the financial crisis, after deducting the appreciation of the yen

at present, the economic prospects of the Americas, Europe and Japan are not very clear, except for the economic growth of the emerging countries represented by China and India. In order to ensure corporate profits under the severe business environment, Fujifilm group began a new round of structural transformation in March 2009. In order to ensure the growth of sales, all business departments have launched new products that meet market demand and are cost-effective, quickly opening up sales. At the same time, the implementation of the strategy of concentrating operating resources in emerging countries and regions with relatively low market share of our products is also one of the important reasons for the continuous expansion of sales and market share. According to the quarterly financial report data, Fujifilm group has successfully surmounted the financial crisis that began in 2008 and entered the growth track again through the second structural transformation in nearly a year and a half

in the field of imaging business, the sales revenue was US $1.867 billion and the operating profit was US $03 million. The number of digital cameras sold in this product field increased by about 40% year-on-year, and the sales increased by 16% year-on-year. Fujifilm's FinePix f300exr (f305exr in China) with 15 times zoom lens, high-speed automatic focusing and chemical stability technology with the fastest speed of 0.158 seconds, and FinePix real 3D W3, which can shoot high-definition 3D videos by itself, can be viewed directly with naked eyes without special glasses, and fully enjoy 3D fun, and a number of new digital camera products with Fujifilm's proprietary technology and characteristics, such as FinePix real 3D W3, have been widely praised by the market. The world's first FinePix hs10 (Chinese model HS11) with advanced fujilong 30x optical zoom and high-speed CMOS sensor integrated into two special-shaped copper strip production lines imported from France in its compact body also won the European authoritative award EISA award issued by the European audiovisual Association. The company also integrated the development, procurement and quality assurance departments of digital cameras with the Development Department of optical lenses, the core component of digital cameras, improving the competitiveness and development speed of products

in the field of information industry, the sales revenue was US $5.148 billion and the operating profit was US $687million. The growth of sales was mainly concentrated in the flat panel LCD material industry and the medical system life science industry in this product field

in terms of medical instruments that can better measure the axial errors of the axes of the two collets at two positions, the low-cost and miniaturized computer X-ray diagnostic system FCR Prima continues to maintain good sales performance. At the same time, the company also continues to strengthen the sales of high value-added products, such as Fujifilm Dr calneo C, which is a new product in the Fujifilm Dr calneo series of digital X-ray image diagnostic device, launched in April this year. Fujifilm Dr calneo series adopts the way of reading optical signals from the side of X-ray irradiation surface, which can not only reduce the amount of X-ray, but also ensure excellent image quality

in terms of endoscopy, the company continues to enrich the product line of disposal devices for submucosal dissection (ESD), and continuously develops new products that can reduce the burden on patients. For example, the disposable high-frequency cutting forceps (clutchcutter) that can realize the integrated treatment of mucosal tissue from incision, stripping to hemostasis, which was launched in June this year, and the disposable high-frequency electrode (safeknife) that was launched in September this year, whose safety and operability have been further improved

in terms of medical network system, with the development of information technology in medical institutions, sales at home and abroad are advancing smoothly. The medical image information network system synapse of Fujifilm firmly occupies the first position in the Japanese market share. Its function has developed to the extent that it can integrate various examination images used by various departments in hospitals such as cardiovascular, endoscopy, ultrasound, pathology, etc. for systematic network management. In the future, we will strive to further promote the connection between general hospitals or core hospitals and community clinics, and contribute to improving the level of regional hospitals and solving the shortage of doctors by providing regional hospital cooperation, remote film reading support and other systems

in life sciences, due to the launch of new products and the launch of TV advertisements, the sales of Fujifilm's skin care product astalift increased significantly, and began to be sold in the Chinese market in September this year

in terms of pharmaceuticals, due to the good sales of organic clothes of zosyn experimental machine, a compound antibiotic preparation of lactamase inhibitor, in the packaging box, the sales of Toyama Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujifilm group, is also growing. The new influenza treatment drug T-705 developed by the company, which is different from the existing drugs in principle of action and has proven efficacy, has entered phase III clinical trials in Japan. At the same time, Toyama chemical is also working with Fujifilm Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the same group, to devote itself to the early research and development of other promising new drug candidates. Fujifilm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established for the purpose of developing the pharmaceutical industry and building a sales base, also began business in April 2010. The company will gradually develop towards the development and sales of high value-added generic drugs and new drugs from the sale of generic drugs

in terms of printing plates, due to the recovery of global demand, the sales volume continues to increase under the active promotion policy. In April this year, jet press 720, a new generation of ink-jet digital printing system with epoch-making significance, which can realize high-speed, high-quality and large-scale printing, was launched. It is committed to enriching the product line of large format UV ink-jet printing system in the growing field of digital printing

in terms of flat panel LCD display materials, because Japan's environmental protection points system and the Chinese government's policy of sending home appliances to the countryside have driven the demand for LCD TVs, the sales of Fujifilm's perspective expansion film and polarizer protective film continue to rise. In order to strengthen the production capacity of polarizer protective film, the company has added three ultra wide polarizer protective film production lines to meet the growing demand of large LCD TVs

in terms of optical instruments, the rebound in demand for lens components for photography and lenses for cameras with camera functions has driven the increase in overall sales, making the sales of this business increase by 22% over the same period last year. At the same time, in July, 2010, Fujifilm Co., Ltd., which produces lenses and optical instruments, has been integrated into Fujifilm Co., Ltd. through the technological integration of the two companies and the integrated development of business planning, development and sales, Fujifilm's optical instrument business will be further expanded

in the field of document processing business, the sales revenue was $5.404 billion and the operating profit was $431 million. Due to the overall good sales situation in China and other Asia Pacific countries, Xerox's exports to the United States also increased significantly, and the sales in this field increased by 8.3% over the same period last year

in addition, the company's overall expenses and inter business related transactions offset the profit of US $156 million

in order to build a strong enterprise system to cope with the severe external environment, Fujifilm group has invested about $1.6 billion in the second structural transformation in fiscal year 2009, and plans to continue to invest about $280million in fiscal year 2010. At present, the transformation is being effectively promoted. By reducing fixed costs and concentrating operating resources on key undertakings and emerging countries, the expected profit and loss situation has been greatly improved, and the sales revenue in fiscal year 2010 is expected to reach $28.75 billion; The operating profit can reach US $1.5 billion

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