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[Fujian business observation] one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, a Fujian private enterprise, has made a strong entry in the list

China Singapore Fujian, July 18 (Lin Xianping) recently, the "2018 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers list" was released in Beijing, and two Fujian enterprises were listed in the global top 50

two Fujian enterprises were listed in the top 50 in the world

on July 5, "2018 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers" was released in Beijing. The list of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, produced by China Construction Machinery magazine, has been published for 17 consecutive sessions since 2002

the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2018, with a total sales of $164.411 billion, an increase of 28.28% year-on-year; The operating profit totaled US $15.627 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 170.88%

among the 50 enterprises on the list, there are 6 American enterprises, 12 Japanese enterprises, 12 Chinese enterprises and 5 German enterprises. China, the United States, Japan and Germany are known as the "four major powers" of the global construction machinery industry

caterpillar of the United States ranks first in the world; The second and third are Japanese enterprises. Two of China's top ten are XCMG machinery, which ranks sixth, and Sany Heavy Industry, which ranks eighth

among the enterprises on the list, there are two construction machinery companies from Fujian on the list, namely Longgong holdings, which ranks 36th, and Xiagong machinery, which ranks 41st

in April this year, the international construction magazine under the British KHL group also published a list, also called "2018 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers list". The list shows that China Longgong and Xiamen Construction Machinery ranked a little higher, and Longgong holdings ranked 30; Xiamen Machinery ranked 39th

China Longgong, the "giant" climbing out of shangougou

Xiagong is a senior state-owned construction machinery manufacturer with a long history. It is not surprising that it comes from Xiamen Special Economic Zone and has entered the top 50 in the world

Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1951, was restructured from Xiamen Construction Machinery Factory into a listed company in December 1993. In 1993, Longyan man Li Xinyan founded Longgong. It is admirable that China Longgong, a construction machinery manufacturer originated in Longyan, West Fujian, now ranks even higher in the world than Xiamen Gong

the founder of China Longgong is Li Xinyan, a native of Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. He was born in November, 1951. He is a very influential entrepreneur and officially founded China Longgong in 1993

public information shows that before founding Longgong, it is said that Li Xinyan once worked as a worker and worked in the office for a period of time. In the 1980s, he went to Hong Kong to search for gold, engaged in international trade, and completed the accumulation of "the first bucket of gold". However, it is rumored in the Jianghu that Li Xinyan once founded a cement plant in his early days, which is the first step to complete his original accumulation. But Li Xinyan didn't "speak from his own experience" about these old things

In 1993, Li Xinyan invested 16million yuan to establish Fujian Longyan construction machinery factory in Longyan, which happened to be the beginning of the rapid development of China's construction industry. From road construction, to urban construction, to the development of mine resources, the tide of large-scale construction rises and falls from south to north, from east to west, and from day to night

in this good period, Dong Zhu also described the experimental methods of various materials in terms of strength experiments. Li Xinyan, who was the first to seize the opportunity, developed Longgong in full swing and became a black horse of Chinese construction machinery, specifying the number of missing edges, corners and cracks

when Longyan, a mountainous city, could no longer satisfy Longgong's "appetite", in 2000, Li Xinyan led China Longgong to "enter Shanghai beach" and set up Shanghai Longgong

in Shanghai, China's economic center, China Longgong is like a duck to water. It has grown rapidly through independent innovation and industrial mergers and acquisitions. In 2005, China Longgong was listed in Hong Kong, becoming the first overseas listed enterprise in China's construction machinery industry. Later, China Longgong entered the Hang Seng Index series

at present, China Longgong has 19 wholly-owned subsidiaries in the four bases of Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Henan

wealth soared charity carry on

after the listing of China Longgong, Li Xinyan's wealth was gradually "discovered"

on the Hurun rich list in 2005, Li Xinyan ranked second in Fujian with a value of 4.7 billion. In the year of listing, the performance of China dragon industry was still extraordinary: the revenue increased by 27% year-on-year to 2.68 billion yuan, and the net profit increased by 79% year-on-year to 235 million yuan

in 2007, Longgong won the "annual Top 50 global construction machinery (No. 40)" with its strong strength

according to the 2017 annual performance report released by China Longgong, the group's revenue in 2017 was 8.994 billion yuan, an increase of 74.76% year-on-year; The net profit was 1.046 billion yuan, an increase of 126.48% year-on-year; It is proposed to pay a final dividend of HK $0.16 per share. Compared with 12 years ago, the revenue increased by more than 3 times and the net profit increased by more than 4 times

according to the 2017 Forbes China rich list, Li Xinyan ranked 193 on the China rich list with 11.65 billion yuan. On the Forbes world rich list released in March 2018, Li Xinyan ranked 1500 in the world with $1.7 billion. In other words, in 2018, Li Xinyan ranked 1500 among the world's more than 7.4 billion people

with the growth of the enterprise, Li Xinyan's status rose synchronously, but he was also full of honor. Members of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Fujian Provincial Committee, national model workers, national outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics, etc.

with the rise of wealth and honors, charity also follows. In April, 2007, Li Xinyan charity foundation was officially established, becoming a new force in China's public welfare charity Corps. At present, Li Xinyan Charity Foundation has donated tens of millions of yuan in education, culture, health and other fields

before establishing the foundation, Li Xinyan had donated nearly ten million yuan in Longyan to enthusiastically support the public welfare undertakings in his hometown

Fujian business observation

go out and see the world

Fujian is famous for its light industry, especially the textile and clothing industry in Quanzhou. However, the machinery industry is also one of the three leading industries in Fujian

as early as 2013, the output value of Fujian machinery industry has exceeded 500 billion yuan. In 2017, the total industrial output value of Fujian machinery and equipment manufacturing industry reached 800 billion yuan, close to trillion output value

machinery industry, known as the "mother of industry", is a typical technology intensive, capital intensive and labor-intensive industry. It is particularly rare for Fujian to have two of the world's top 50 machinery industry enterprises

what is more rare is that Li Xinyan can gradually develop a small enterprise to this level in Longyan, a mountainous city

and this has something to do with Li Xinyan's ability to go out

in the 1980s, Li Xinyan first went out to Hong Kong. It takes a great deal of courage and wisdom for a young mountain man to run to the colorful world of Hong Kong. It was also after his return from Hong Kong that he found great opportunities in China's machinery and equipment industry, thus creating Longgong

Li Xinyan went for the second time. 3. The measurement of beam displacement is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. In 2000, a new headquarters was established in Shanghai. In the early days when the Internet was underdeveloped, Li Xinyan obviously benefited a lot from Shanghai, China's economic center, whether from the perspective of market or industrial expansion

there is a popular saying that "the world is so big, I want to see it". In fact, the process of entrepreneurship is not the process of looking at the world! Only by understanding the world can we grasp the future trend and better provide appropriate products or services for the society

when China's economy enters the new normal, the traditional entrepreneurial opportunities have been minimal. Because every track is crowded, with giants in front and catch-up behind. In this state, only innovation can better grasp market opportunities

this is also the core meaning of mass entrepreneurship and innovation

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