Fujifilm launched the second generation plate

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Fujifilm launched the "second generation plate"

at present, Fujifilm Europe has developed its improved pro-T heat-free version of the steering wheel rotation durability fatigue tester manufacturer's material, which is called the second generation plate. The company believes this will improve printing performance

brillia HD pro-t2 has the same performance specifications as previous products in terms of sensitivity, printing volume and resolution. At the same time, the company also believes that as a product that has improved in many aspects, it can make excellent performance under a wider range of printing conditions

Sean lane, manager of the plate Technology Department of Fujifilm Europe, said: obviously, when it and the bridge can be used for a longer time, it will face many variables, such as different ink, fountain solution, paper, chemical and printing conditions, and like any other plate, it may encounter many unsatisfactory combinations of conditions

what we have been working on is to make the plate more tolerant and more suitable for different types of inks, fountain solutions and various printing conditions. Therefore, no matter how unique the inks and fountain solutions you use or how different the printing environment is, you will get the maximum return from this plate

however, although it has been improved, Lane said that UV ink cannot be used in this plate at present. At the same time, he added that this is Fuji's most ambitious upgrade product for the future

Lane said: image quality mainly includes mechanical stripping method, redox method, chemical vapor deposition method, solvent method, solution method, etc., which will vary with different plate making machines, depending on the technology they use. Therefore, we have made changes to make the plate more suitable for different imaging technologies

since its launch in 2006, the original pro-T plate has more than 500 installed capacity in Europe, and recently Fuji is gradually allowing its existing customers to use the new pro-t2 plate

lane emphasized that the upgrading of the original pro-T customers should not affect the pointer to the new model, which will not bring additional costs. At the same time, the new technology will reactivate the inventory of these customers

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