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Fujian Province welcomes domestic and foreign environmental protection manufacturers to invest

at the 5th national environmental protection industry and the 7th International Environmental Protection Exhibition held recently, Lin Zhen, Secretary General of Fujian environmental protection industry association, said that he warmly welcomes domestic and foreign investors and environmental protection companies with better technology and equipment to develop in Fujian. The environmental protection industry projects that must be vigorously developed during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period in Fujian Province are:

1. Develop desulfurization technology and desulfurization equipment. According to national regulations, the emission of major pollutants in 2005 should be reduced by 10% on the basis of 2000. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period in Fujian Province, the investment in desulfurization should be 225million yuan, and the annual emission of sulfur dioxide from the four power plants of Fuzhou Huaneng, Xiamen Songyu, Zhangping and Putian Meizhouwan should reach 85300 tons

2. Automobile exhaust purifier. In order to prevent automobile exhaust from polluting the environment, unleaded gasoline, electricity 4, experimental space (excluding piston stroke): 7m; Spray and three-way catalytic purifier to ensure that the vehicle exhaust emissions meet the standard. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, calculated by 500000 vehicles per year, each set of three-way catalytic purifier is 700 yuan, and the output value of SAMPE Beijing Branch is 350 million yuan

3. In order to protect the ozone layer, ODS substitutes are needed. If the whole province can be replaced by 2005, the output value of the whole province will be 8.4 billion yuan, which will save 6.1 billion kwh per year based on 10% power saving

the processing accuracy required is high. 4. Pollution control of pig industry. Statistics show that there are more than 10million pigs on hand in Fujian Province every year, producing 27.5 million tons of pig manure and urine, 87.5 million tons of sewage, 875000 tons of COD, 320000 tons of BOD and 875 tons of bacteria × (to the 15th power of 10). Therefore, pig farms are an important source of pollution of rivers and lakes in Fujian Province, and the pollution control of pig industry will be an important project for the development of environmental protection industry in Fujian Province during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. According to the calculation that 10000 pigs need 800000 yuan of investment and treatment, 600 cubic meters of biogas can be produced a day (each cubic meter of biogas can replace 0.58 cubic meters of natural gas or 0.308kg diesel oil or 0.7kg gasoline). During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the pollution control rate of the pig industry is calculated at 50%, and its output value is 5billion yuan, which can produce 300000 cubic meters of biogas

5. Degradable fast food boxes, packaging bags, phosphorus free washing powder and detergent are all projects promoted during the Tenth Five Year Plan period in Fujian Province

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