Fujitsu fram brings innovative storage to industry

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Fujitsu fram brings innovative storage solutions for Industry and medical treatment

in recent years, with the increasing attention of many industries to data storage, some new storage technologies have developed rapidly, and fram (ferroelectric nonvolatile random access memory) promoted by Fujitsu is one of them. At the annual ICT Media Forum and 2015 industry and Technology Outlook Seminar held by e-weixun a few days ago, Mr. caizhenyu, the marketing manager of Fujitsu semiconductor Shanghai Co., Ltd., said that since mass production in 1999, Fujitsu has sold more than 2.5 billion fram products, innovatively providing stable and high-speed storage solutions for industries such as industry, medical treatment, automobile and so on

compared with traditional nonvolatile memory such as EEPROM, Fujitsu fram has the advantages of high-speed read-write (40000 times), high durability (onemillion times) and low power consumption (one thousandth). High speed reading and writing can ensure real-time storage, help the system designer solve the problem of real-time storage of data one year after operation and help the system designer solve the problem of sudden power failure and data loss; The high resistance promotes the utilization of high-performance composites, and the long-term characteristics can realize frequent recording of operation history and system status; Low power consumption mainly refers to that high voltage is not required during writing. These advantages make fram more and more used in applications that need high reliability, such as measuring instruments, industrial automation, medical, automotive, financial POS machines and so on

fram also has a unique feature of radiation resistance, achieving a sales revenue of 220million yuan. When ordinary EEPROM is irradiated by gamma rays, the data will be destroyed. Therefore, fram RFID products we launched are very suitable for medical and industrial fields where there is a lot of radiation. Caizhenyu said

the main application fields of FRAM technology

for example, in the field of flow (FA) released during the factory automation period to meet the load, Fujitsu cooperates with Siemens to launch fram RFID, which meets the demand of automobile production lines for faster reading speed; In the field of aircraft maintenance, the maintenance parts process of Boeing aircraft also uses fram RFID tags to manage and store maintenance records, and manage the whole product life cycle

another great application is in the medical industry. Caizhenyu said that we have used many new RFID products in medical treatment and medicine, because there are many places in the United States and European countries that come into contact with medical devices and need gamma radiation disinfection. Ordinary RFID tags can't meet the requirements, so we can only use fram RFID. From the current situation, there were many requirements in the United States and Europe. Now we see that Chinese hospitals and Chinese customers have more and more requirements in this regard. At present, only our fram RFID can meet these needs in the market

caizhenyu said that with the increasing demand for FRAM in more emerging industries such as IOT and new energy, and the further decline in the price of FRAM products, the application of FRAM will be broader in the future, and China will also become the largest market for Fujitsu fram products

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